“Doing the maximum at all times – without becoming hysterical”.

20. July 2022

That is the motto in dealing with the Corona virus of Anita Gödiker, founder and CEO of Satellite Office.

“The size of our workspaces in terms of space has deliberately remained manageable in order to be able to provide the highest quality in all areas. Over eighty percent of the workspaces at Satellite Office are used by the same people. We are now benefiting from this, as we are able to counter the Corona virus with the utmost care. Our employees play a central role in this and are subject to the strictest of codes of conduct,” she continues.

The following actions are taken by Satellite Office:

Employees are required to sanitize doorknobs, chairs, tables, and all storage areas in Open Spaces three times a day. We have sufficient resources at our disposal for this purpose.

All dishwashers are operated at 65 degrees Celsius instead of eco mode.

Pictograms were hung in the sanitary rooms showing and calling for hygienic hand cleaning. Likewise, hand sanitizers are there in sufficient quantity.

There are posters at all reception desks advising people to deal with the virus on their own responsibility and, for example, to adhere to the “cough and wet etiquette”.

“Economic life must not come to a standstill”,

says full-blooded entrepreneur Anita Gödiker. “We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities we offer in our Workspaces. Anyone who wants to work in peace and separately can do so with us. Especially in the meeting sector, where trade fairs and conferences are cancelled, we can step in with manageable spaces and digital technology.”

Video conferencing is now free at Satellite Office!

In order to make a small contribution to minimizing the already immense economic damage, Satellite Office is now offering the use of video conferencing technology free of charge on an hourly basis. This means you only pay the room fee and can communicate securely with your business partners around the world via our modern digital technology. This offer is available at all Satellite Office locations.

Please take advantage of the offer and contact us by mail at: vertrieb@satelliteoffice at any time.