Corona euphoria – The world wakes up

20. July 2022

When Skype breaks down due to overload, the colleague from Cologne can’t dial into the video call for technical reasons or whatever, and the children are making noise in the background right now… This or something similar is the current situation in German home offices. If futurologist Matthias Horx is to be believed, we go through six different phases during the Corona period: “denial, ignorance, anger, fear and terror, and finally comes a surprising effect, I call it the “Corona euphoria. The brain wakes up, the world is tremendously intense, and you start to act.”

In an interview with Anita Gödiker, founder and CEO of Satellite Office, we learn that many medium-sized companies have not stood still during the crisis. In recent weeks, Satellite Office has held daily internal crisis calls with all Satellite Office directors, set up spit guards at the reception desks and increased hygiene measures fivefold so that employees and office customers can work in a concentrated and safe manner. However, administrative staff also work in home offices, and all too often the initial scenario is the daily reality.

Anita Gödiker: “If we take Horx as a basis, then now is indeed the right time for the entire German economy to get ready to act and to look for individual solutions for the time after the exit from the shutdown and under new conditions.” It’s good to get over the shock rigidity now and move from the feeling of “being at the mercy” to the awareness of “now-first-right.”” So let’s start acting.

To successfully complete disruption-free virtual meetings, there are good ideas and offerings. Even well before the post-Corona era, Satellite Office created solutions with the pureSilent line that now go a long way toward meeting the new conditions. The small, soundproof cubes for a maximum of 4 people and high-quality video technology are designed, among other things, for longer, interference-free video calls. In addition, they are ideally suited for protected – in a well-understood sense also secluded – meetings in small groups. In all Satellite Offices, protected corners, glass cubes and small meeting rooms for concentrated work have also been introduced as part of the pureSilent-Line.

The cubes, as well as all meeting rooms, are equipped with the appropriate technology and are perfect for convening video conferences and conducting them professionally. Even small meetings for two – or even with yourself alone! -under the highest hygiene measures, can be carried out safely here. Because let’s face it: in the long run, nothing replaces personal conversations entirely without technology and face-to-face.

Cheer up, get out of the rigidity, let’s look for solutions together under the new conditions! The entire Satellite Office team is always motivated and solution-oriented for you. Just call: +49 30 700 140 120 or send an e-mail to: vertrieb(at)satelliteoffice(dot)de

1)Matthias Horx in an interview with the newspaper “Die Welt” on 27.3.2020