But voluntary should remain

20. July 2022

Currently, millions of employees work from home in a home office. Hubertus Heil (SPD) now wants to enshrine a right to home office in law. As always, there are proponents and opponents of such a law.

How do Satellite Office customers see it? With 55 comments, this question is the most commented question in our survey. Here are the most interesting contributions to the current discussion. One to one and presented by us unchanged:

What is the point of a legal regulation? This can be regulated individually in the companies. – Because it is a fairy tale that all employees can be put on an equal footing with the various
Called. How is gastronomy or the assembly of a car supposed to work in a home office? – A statutory regulation interferes too much with the entrepreneur’s freedom of design. – But it should remain voluntary – managers should allow it and reduce their resistance. – Attractive yes, but employers should be allowed to decide for themselves. – Not regulated by law. Should be regulated between AG and AN and the work situation
be adapted. – Yes, because: Yes, if separate study would be available, and no, it should not be
be regulated by law. – 1 to 2 days per week should only be able to be refused with good reason, as well as in the case of pediatric patients
or children’s holiday periods are particularly important. – Legal regulation not required since entrepreneurial (or individual) decision. – Legally regulated no, should be free decision. – I fear the requirement to fund two jobs per MA. I also want a
Have a say in when home office is and isn’t possible, not that MA does this
can easily set. – Weigh entrepreneurial interests, but do not prescribe from above.