Business outfit for ladies: Dress to Impress!

20. July 2022

Appointment in Flexible Workspace or Coworking:
What am I going to wear? The right business outfit for ladies.

Competence doesn’t always have to be dark blue – let’s get that straight. Now, a Flexible Workspace or Coworking appointment isn’t all that easy dress-wise – the location, after all, can range somewhere between casually casual and terribly dressy. What comes across best here? Is it the dark blue suit or the leisure look with Marlene pants and sneakers? The challenge for the right business outfit for ladies and the right dress choice for a flexible workspace or a coworking center, is definitely bigger than in the traditional office. Because here you can be guided by the image of the company. At a traditional old economy company rather in muted colors, at a new economy company the sneakers may not be missing. So far so good. But in the Flexible Workspace, very different individuals come together to work. The crazy creative meets the financial advisor, the fashion blogger meets the top manager.

Satellite Office has been in the flexible workspace market for over twenty years and now has eleven locations in Germany and Switzerland. Most of them in fashion-relevant cities such as Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. Founder and CEO of Satellite Office, Anita Gödiker, is very stylish and always a superbly dressed manager. And on top of that, she is friends with Uta Raasch – fashion icon and designer from Düsseldorf. Reason enough to take a look at your Instagram account and share some inspiration. On her last business trip to Milan – she was looking for the very best property for a new satellite office location, by the way – she wore a light maxi dress, black with white polka dots and a delicate belt around her waist. Combined with bright sneakers and a medium bright handbag on a gold chain, it was the perfect outfit for such an appointment. And therefore also a perfect business outfit for ladies and an appointment in the Flexible Workspace, Coworking or Business Center – depending on what you want to call it.

Currently the hottest fashion blogger, Caro Daur, is also constantly on business appointments. Whether it’s coworking or fashion weeks. One of her top outfits for an appointment at flexible workspace is definitely her black outfit with the exciting wool white plush coat. Here she combines a classic slim black sweater with 7/8 pants and black college shoes. As an eye-catcher she chooses a coat in a bright contrasting color. The mix of materials is also exciting. While the black pants and sweater are made of a fine silk-wool blend, the coat is made of a coarse, voluminous woven fur. You can definitely score points in the Flexible Workspace with this outfit!

Satellite Office customer and cosmetics entrepreneur Laila Hamidi is currently filming a model casting for her new make-up line with a major international TV station at the Satellite Office in Hamburg. She is a styling professional, having styled many, many celebrities for the red carpet, from Eva Longoria to Nazan Eckes, from Liz Mohn to Franziska Knuppe. Reason enough to also check out her Instagram account to see what she’s wearing in the Flexible Workspace at Satellite Office. Each of her outfits is award-worthy and can inspire, that much is already revealed. But this light blue, narrow dress with the bell sleeves has done it to us especially. Combined with beige patent pumps and beige glasses, it looks casual luxury – just like the surroundings.

What can we learn from these coworking-savvy women?
Here are our 5 tips for perfect coworking styling!

1. in the Flexible Workspace it can be fashionable! Get inspiration on Instagram, see what women you like are wearing in business.

2. build your outfit around a single highlight, the rest should be more subdued.

3. choose rather simple, chic cuts, avoid them too voluminous or frilly variants. Less is more and Dallas and Denver are long gone.

4. with the colors they have free choice! From baby blue to pink, everything is allowed. Noble it must be, combined simply it should be. Black always goes, in combination with beige and gold it is the “number safe” in the Flexible Workspace!

5. feminine may be, long dresses are currently a top trend. In the now coming autumn winter gladly combined with boots. Comfortable, modern and super suitable for business!

BUT: The most important thing, and this applies both privately and professionally, is that a woman feels good. Because the charisma is even more important than the clothes!

By the way: Do you already know the exciting and inspiring autobiography by Uta Raasch?
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