20. July 2022

Immerse yourself in the sound world of Satelllite Office

It is well known that we focus on the five senses when furnishing and equipping our workspaces and carefully consider what is best for which sense when working. The sense of hearing has always played a central role: sophisticated acoustics, sound-proofed areas and shielded niches for confidential conversations and telephone calls can be found in all thirteen Satellite Offices.

Now we’re taking it a step further: we’ve put together the perfect playlist for you, one that adds a lightness and swing to work that we all just need sometimes. Have a listen! Swing in the morning at work before things really get going, bridge the midday slump or go into the end of the day with easyness. It’s worth a listen!

Your ears will make eyes, I promise. And it’s that easy: Open the Spotify app, start the search, click on the camera icon, scan our code from here – and you’re already in the most beautiful world of sound from Satellite Office.

Swing when your’re winning! With a good mood and a relaxed atmosphere, even the longest workday and the toughest meeting can be survived. A little tip if you have problems: Play our new playlist – works wonders ;-))

Have fun listening,

Your Satellite Office Team