Behind the scenes at Satellite Office Zurich

20. July 2022

Verena Krämer, Sales & Operations Agent
“It’s nice to hear over and over again from visitors that you work in a very nice place,” says Verena Krämer from the Satellite Office in Switzerland. Born in Franconia, she has now been living and working in Zurich for three years. However, she has been closely connected with Switzerland for over seven years, because of love.

“When I come into our satellite office early in the morning and in summer the clouds are still hanging a bit over Lake Zurich, but the silhouette of the mountains can already be guessed at – that’s beautiful!” raves Verena about her workplace. She arrived well in Switzerland. “I spent several months looking for a job in Zurich, and it’s not that easy. German qualifications and previous training are not always recognized one-to-one here. It is advisable to complete additional training or education in Switzerland in order to really achieve something professionally,” she tells us in conversation.

About the Satellite Office in Switzerland
Anyone who is here at the Satellite Office in Zurich for the first time, as well as those returning, always look up at the large, period ceiling lamp, stride up the creaking wooden staircase and admire the beautiful pictures. It confirms to you that you’re in a great, energetic place. I really enjoy working here. “I’m in sales, after all, and when we have customers that we invite to a tour, they’re always excited about what’s behind the chic facade about Dolce&Gabbana. We also have a unique position here in Zurich, directly on Paradeplatz, with a view of the lake and the noble furnishings. Most of those who come here for a tour then also decide in favor of us. That’s fun for me!”

Discover the possibilities
For all Satellite Office customers – also from Germany – the Satellite Office offers an almost ideal contact point with a Membership Card, which is available free of charge with all packages or can also be used solo. This allows workstations to be used in open spaces, but currently also in offices. “And they’re great in combination with starting a business, you really save,” interjects Verena Krämer, adding with a twinkle in her eye. It always sounds great, doesn’t it: “My Swiss business address is at Bahnhofstrasse 10, in Zurich!”

About champagne and toothpaste
Spending on food, drugstore items and literature is significantly higher in Switzerland, he said. “But the champagne is cheaper than in Germany,” smiles Verena mischievously. Rents are comparable to expensive German cities such as Frankfurt and Munich. Verena herself lives directly in Zurich, in a beautiful new building neighborhood. “We particularly enjoy the proximity to the mountains, the many glacier lakes, mountain lakes and, of course, Lake Zurich. We are in the most beautiful nature in less than an hour,” Verena enthuses about her adopted home.

Dreamteam Satellite Office Zurich:
Teresa Ioanna, Director & Verena Krämer, Sales & Operations Agent

About the Swiss customers and guests
“We have a very international clientele, but of course many Swiss and Germans, with whom I have an excellent relationship. People say that the Swiss are somewhat withdrawn or reserved, but I can’t confirm that. However, a Swiss once told me, “If a Swiss ever invites you to his home, you’ve got it made.”

Obviously, Verena made it in the foreign country. She has often sat in the evenings with Swiss friends for a good glass of wine and fine cheese – Verena’s weakness, by the way!

Gryffenberg House, Bahnhofstrasse 10 in Zurich