Bad Banks at Satellite Office

19. July 2022

Is Hamburg getting an “incubator”?

Do you know the ZDF series “Bad Banks”, which revolves around a large German bank in Frankfurt? Finance has never been told like it is in Bad Banks before. It’s all about power and money, intrigue and success. The series has been awarded many prizes – whether Bambi, Grimme Award or German Television Award. And what the hit series Bad Banks has to do with Satellite Office, we’ll tell you now. Satellite Office will soon have it, the incubator from the second season. The incubator in the film is a honeycomb-shaped, modern building in Berlin that was built to give fintechs a place, provide them with expert support, and allow something great to emerge from the community. In the film, there is a mad hype, everyone wants to work in the innovative incubator.

And that’s where we really have something in common: Satellite Office in Hamburg is also experiencing an enormous run on offices and workstations in the first and currently only (real) financial hub. Although marketing has not yet peaked at all and construction is not quite finished, inquiries are coming in daily. Half of the seats at Ballindamm are already firmly booked. Satellite Office’s incubator, no sorry, financial hub, is under one roof with private bank Donner & Reuschel. Directly on Hamburg’s Ballindamm. The innovative board members of both companies, Anita Gödiker of Satellite Office and Marcus Vitt of Donner und Reuschel, had the idea of offering flexible workspaces for finance-related companies in the private bank very long before the second season of Bad Banks. For short distances, for intra-industry exchange, for the opportunity to promote analog encounters in a digitalized world. Both partners bring their respective strengths to the table: Donner & Reuschel as a bank for the topic of finance and Satellite Office as a workspace provider for the topic of flexible workplaces.

The big difference with the incubator is not only the architecture but also the people who work there. While Bad Banks is made up exclusively of young, hip startups at the beginning of their careers who – fictitiously taken to extremes – come to the workplace with a dog, goldfish and lots of glorified ideas, Satellite Office is made up of already established, successful entrepreneurs and companies that deal with the topics of money and finance. The environment reflects this; the workspace is extremely luxuriously appointed, offering plenty of space for concentrated work and for confidential discussions with executive suites, team offices and soundproofed open spaces – whether by video conference or in one of the superbly equipped meeting rooms. Quite the opposite of the incubator from Bad Banks, which looks more like a space station from Star Wars…

Companies and freelancers from the financial sector are particularly interested in setting up a company headquarters in Satellite Office’s Hamburg financial hub. The address is representative and suitable for summons, the office can be entered in the commercial register as a registered office and, in addition to personal, lockable mailboxes, there is also an on-site team that receives mail and forwards it immediately if the founder is not in the office. A company sign in the entrance area makes the company headquarters a representative home port in the middle of Hamburg. The proximity to the bank, the integration into a financial community, additionally strengthens the core competence “around money” of all company founders. Likewise – and here Satellite Office is a big step further than the incubator – other Satellite Office locations can be used. Of particular interest to financial companies is the Hamburg-Düsseldorf-Frankfurt-Zurich axis, which Satellite Office ideally covers with its casual, luxurious workspaces.

In contrast to the film, Satellite Office’s first financial hub in Hamburg opens its doors for real in March. Information and offers on the new and first financial hub are available from Christelle Leblanc – no, sorry, of course from Doris Keller, Director Satellite Office Hamburg at: Phone: 040 822153000 or Email:

Film tip: ZDF- Mediathek, Bad Banks, season 1 and 2: