Back to the Future – From Coworking to PureSilent® Workspace

19. July 2022

What our hypermobile society really needs in its quest for absolute flexibility is quiet for concentrated work.

At the Annual Congress of Real Estate Women in Berlin, Anita Gödiker gave a keynote speech on the topic of coworking: “pureSilent®- in silence lies power”. And it was again evident that coworking is one of the top topics in the real estate industry. Yet Anita Gödiker doesn’t actually like the term “coworking” very much. “I think the term coworking mentally paints a picture of hipsters, dogs and one-size-fits-all look-and-feel. But that’s not what we do,” says the entrepreneur.

In her keynote, she then referred to the further development of coworking, because the topic of “workplace” is of course particularly close to her personal heart. And not just since everyone started talking about it. In her keynote, Gödiker talks about visions of successful work in hammocks, rocking chairs or slides. At the push of a button, via app, a complete life would be organized and arranged. This is how the music of the future is currently resounding through the corridors of business. That sounds shrill, but one thing is clear: the world of work will change. Just as she had in fact always changed. And that is a good thing.

Gödiker says the changes are currently more noticeable than ever due to increasing globalization, rapid intervention of digital media in our everyday lives, a hypermobile society and the pursuit of absolute flexibility – wrapped up in changing lifestyles. Work is increasingly becoming a self-determined consumption experience.

Anita Gödiker: “I’m sure we’re only at the beginning of this development. Where it will lead, we all determine to a certain extent. Fortunately.” The entrepreneur’s experience shows that today’s working world no longer wants major distractions, nothing to dull the senses. “Increasingly, we’re seeing people retreat to quiet corners to work, and the open-plan coworking spaces are often last to be filled.” And Anita Gödiker would not be known as “Mrs. Coworking” in the industry if she had not acted long ago. “With pureSilent, we have developed a new approach and brought strong partners on board. Studies, findings and experience on the topics of coworking, acoustics and ergonomics flowed into the development of pureSilent. Instead of large open spaces, there are plenty of protected, smaller breakout areas, some of which are even soundproofed to ensure a high level of discretion and productive work. Ultra-modern, air-conditioned cubes allow for “Silent Dialog”. For “deep working,” there are workstations in screened areas and small offices. Acoustics play a central role, as they ensure well-being and a working environment that promotes concentration. All of this is not a dream of the future, but has already been implemented.

These days, Satellite Office’s new pureSilent location in Frankfurt is opening its doors. In keeping with the motto of the keynote speech at the Real Estate Congress: “The power is in the quiet”: “pureSilent®” – new approaches to co-working. Do you know the famous quote by Marty Mc Flurry from the movie “Back to the Future”? “Marty: I guess you guys aren’t ready yet. But your kids are totally into it! With this in mind, come to Frankfurt, see the future of Satellite Office live.