Apples, water and good company

20. July 2022

Fit in the office despite spring fatigue and excess Easter pounds

It really does exist: springtime fatigue. The phenomenon can be explained scientifically, because the organism needs about four weeks to adjust to the new climatic conditions of spring. During this time we are suddenly tired and listless, the circulation goes crazy. Add to that a chocolate-rich Easter, which is often heavy on our stomachs and hips.

Eight tips from Satellite Office against springtime fatigue at work:

1. align your daily routine with the sun: under the influence of light, our body produces the mood-boosting hormone serotonin. That means getting up early and going to bed early!

2. let the sun into your heart and body! Walks in the fresh air work wonders. Maybe you can get to your next Satellite Office by foot, bike or e-scooter in the nice weather? The extra effort is worth it!

3. sports from now on best to do outside: Jogging, cycling, inline skating, Nordic walking. Perfect against Easter pounds, for the back and against listlessness.

4. stimulate your circulation in the morning with cold-warm alternating showers. Always stop with cold water!

5. drink, drink, drink: at least two liters of water per day. Our special tip: When you come to the Satellite Office in the morning, fill up two carafes of our filtered water and take them with you to the workplace. This means you are already more than halfway there.

6. eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid fatty and sweet foods. Why not take an apple with you from the Satellite Office reception?

7. the best way to overcome mood lows is in company: how good it is to meet the best people at the coffee machine at Satellite Office for a completely random little chat. Just take an extra five minutes now – small, nice conversations (not digital) work wonders!

8. if you add color to your clothes now, our Satellite Offices will have a springtime glow!

Enjoy the spring, tackle new projects with fresh vigor. With our tips, nothing can go wrong and there are still so many months ahead to make the year a real business success.