Another Corona year draws to a close

20. July 2022

Satellite Office looks back at 2021 and ahead to 2022

No one would have thought at the beginning of the year that 2021 would be little better than 2020 in terms of the pandemic. Although, fortunately, vaccinations began nationwide, the government’s strategy seemed quite actionist and, above all, confusing. At no point did the state ministers agree; different Corona rules applied in each state. This made our work much more difficult in our eleven locations in five different states. Then, paradoxically, if you wanted to visit a restaurant at Easter, you could fly to Mallorca. Here in Germany, everything was still tight. After a summer of travel with many infected returnees, the fourth wave hit us in full towards the end of the year, and the fifth wave with Omikron is now looming. Merry Christmas? I don’t know, there are still ten days to go. In the present time, half an eternity!

We have decided not to lose sight of the constantly changing regulations, but to act in our locations not only according to the applicable law, but above all according to good common sense and the best of our knowledge and conscience. Back in February, we had provided the centers with then horrendously expensive rapid tests. Any visitor, employee or customer could test themselves at any time. Our teams meet extremely high hygiene standards, so disinfection is still carried out every hour in all public areas, from table tops to door handles.

Turning something bad into something good……. due to the pandemic, we received more and more inquiries for our digital rooms, including the best video conferencing technology. This was reason enough for us to expand our offer right away in March and to be able to offer “live streaming studios” in all locations via a partnership with event technology expert Neumann & Müller. For us, this is an investment in the future, because the technology is so impressive that it will definitely be used even after the pandemic. If you haven’t booked a Digital Room or live streaming event with us yet, give it a try! The very best technology, easy to use, just for you!

Also in spring, we completely renovated our location in the Ludwigpalais in Munich. Our new pureSilentÓ concept has moved in, and with it the new colors and shapes. The same is due to happen in 2022 in Hamburg’s Neuer Wall. Look forward to a brand new, elegant design here as well.

Bavarian veal sausage breakfast Ludwigpalais Munich

Speaking of design: In the fall, the Gesellschaft für Formgebung honored us with the international ICONIC Award. Our workspace in Frankfurt received an award for the implementation of the pureSilentÓ concept. If you haven’t worked in Frankfurt yet, I highly recommend at least one workday at Open Space directly at Opernplatz!

Iconic Award Presentation Frankfurt

Were you actually a guest at one of our roadshows in Berlin, Frankfurt or Hamburg? In the fall, we finally followed up on the new openings – paired with three completely separate events. While in Berlin, at KUD 15, there was a glamorous, ceremonial opening with red carpet and wall tickets, in Frankfurt we had a smaller gathering to receive the ICONIC Award live. In Hamburg we celebrated together with Donner & Reuschel until the early morning hours, many prominent guests like Ole von Beust delighted our Satellite Office with their visit. Let’s see who you meet soon in the bistros on Ballindamm so….

Open House Hamburg Ballindamm
Premiere KUD15 Gloria Berlin

We close the year in review with a look ahead to next year, because we have so much planned for you! They want to be able to work at Satellite Office in Italy and Geneva as well, and we’re bursting at the seams in Zurich. There will be something new soon, I’m looking forward to it! We have big plans and will continue to keep you updated via our newsletter and weekly BLOGs.

We close today’s BLOG with a quote from an unknown source: “I’d rather believe scientists who are wrong than lunatics who think they’re scientists.”