And in the end it all makes a gin

20. July 2022

“Satellite Office in a “Mampe frenzy” – without any side effects at all”.

Things are heating up in the Satellite Office hometown. In the new workspace “Gloria Berlin”, the swinging years of the capital can still be felt today. One of the many stories of the house revolves around the pub “Mampes Gute Stube” and its famous spirits.

Until 1989, the typical Berlin pub was located on the lower floor of today’s Satellite Offices directly on Ku’damm. Mampe can be traced back to the 19th century, as it was during this time that Prussian Sanitary Councillor Carl Mampe invented a recipe for his cholera remedy “Bitter Drops”. This he passed on to his younger stepbrothers Carl and Ferdinand. They made a brandy from the recipe, which combines 130 different herbs, and mixed it with a bitter orange liqueur. The sweet and bitter schnapps “Mampe Halb und Halb” was born – and it still exists today!

Almost a hundred years ago, there were eighty different spirits from Mampe. From 1877, all Mampe products were produced in Berlin. Even before the war, Carl Mampe AG invested heavily in its Berlin identity. In the Weimar years, it supplied almost all Berlin bars with inexpensive alcohol, and even opened its own pubs – including “Mampe’s Gute Stube” – during this period. Carl Mampe AG survived the Second World War, the division of Berlin and the building of the Berlin Wall without suffering any damage to its reputation. To this day, there is the famous “Mampe Half and Half”. The herbal bitter certainly reached its zenith when David Bowie staggered through Berlin dressed as a Mampe bottle in his film “Schöner Gigolo, armer Gigolo (1978)”. You can find the link to the Youtube clip below.

Meanwhile, gin has overtaken the iconic herbal bitters in popularity. Although its roots go back a long way. Already in the golden 1920s, Mampe Dry Gin was served in “Mampe’s Guter Stube” at Ku’damm 15, – the soon to be exclusive Satellite Office Business Center. According to this model, the gin with the name “Ku’damm 15” is still distilled today: Juniper, coriander, cardamom and citrus peel. And, as the Mampe makers describe the gin so beautifully, “Ku’damm 15 is designed to be so powerful and full-bodied that there are no limits to creativity.” Well, we’ll join you there. With this in mind…here’s to a gin and tonic in the fireside room “Mampes Gute Stube” from October 15, 2020 in the Satellite Office Workspace!

Youtube link, David Bowie in a Mampe Bottle: