20 years of Satellite Office: From youngtimer to oldtimer!

19. July 2022

Last week we officially celebrated our 20th anniversary. Two decades of Satellite Office. Now we are well on the way from youngtimer to oldtimer. In an industry full of prototypes.

We celebrated – how could it be otherwise – in the birthplace of Satellite Office: Berlin! For me it was a very special celebration: many of my companions from the last two decades were there. Many dear business partners and customers. Lots of great co-workers and friends. Thanks to all who helped organize and celebrate!

Those who know me, know that I am completely infatuated with Käthi – my 1963 Beetle. Of course, there are also numerous cars that are completely junk after only 15 or 20 years. Classics, like my Käthi, on the other hand, age gracefully and become real jewels over the years. Why am I writing this? From my point of view, Satellite Office has also become such a jewel over the last 20 years that I am very proud of it. Especially because I had never planned it in this form… Of course, success didn’t just fall from the sky. I had to do quite a bit for that. In the beginning, there was a framework with a daring idea… But the basic idea from back then is more contemporary today than ever: sharing is something very sensible, something very efficient and makes flexible. In 1997, we were still miles away from terms like digital transformation, Industry 4.0, coworking and the sharing economy. But sharing made sense to my customers even then. And to this day, that’s basically the big headline. Some call it coworking!

Of course, I have also driven the one or other scrape into the paint in the last decades. The bursting of the New Economy bubble hit my customers just as hard as the subsequent economic crises – and of course this did not leave Satellite Office unscathed. In addition, more and more players are entering the market to date that also offer flexible workplaces in the broadest sense. So I quickly realized that I had to switch from intermediate throttle to full throttle. Stringent positioning, a clear design concept, new locations in absolutely prime locations in prestigious, historic buildings: a concept that has established itself on the market and, in my view, still offers plenty of potential for the future. A modern classic in the business world, so to speak!