10, 9, 8, 7, 6,… The countdown is on

19. July 2022

Faster network for all satellite offices

It’s almost done, we are increasing our internet speed! To put it in precise terms: we accelerate by a factor of 5! All our workspaces in Germany and Switzerland are now equipped with the new hardware. This was the prerequisite for the faster network. Starting in the middle / end of October.

All sites have been successively equipped with new hardware over the past few months in order to eliminate the sources of errors caused by incorrect application. This included upgrading to the new telephone system and replacing switches in all centers. It’s done. Now we are taking the next and final step on the road to a faster network!

Our Internet capacity is increased from 100 Mbits connections to 500 Mbits. The Satellite Office – Cumberland House will be upgraded to 1000 Mbits as the central office. We will contact you about the exact date. We are delighted that we have now completed the journey to the fast network and can offer you the best of the best. Just as you know it from us. With the final action on Saturday, we ensure, above all, the stability and speed of Internet connections and can offer you the highest quality in this area as well. Here’s to a successful future – on the Internet, but also away from the web in personal conversations. We are already looking forward to it.