20. July 2022

Anita Gödiker, Founder & CEO of Satellite Office, supports in crisis area after flood disaster

Yesterday I got a call for help from the Eifel. The floods also hit this region with incredible force. On the other end of the phone was my longtime friend and confidant, Uta Raasch. With shock in her voice, she described the devastating situation on the ground. It itself is not directly affected in its domicile in Nideggen, but hardly anything is left of surrounding towns such as Erftstadt, Gmünd or Schleiden.

The show mustn’t go on
Uta Raasch is actually a fashion designer and QVC presenter with her own show and label. But the TV show currently has to take place without Uta. Because it helps on site with a small team, directly and energetically. With its campaign, it supports the surrounding towns of Bad Münstereifel, Schleiden and Erftstadt. Especially the latter place now goes through the media with sad notoriety. She collects donations in kind, delivers them personally to those in need or to collection points set up by the communities, along with many other active helpers.

Every donated item goes directly to those in need
Knowing that Uta Raasch is personally on site, we will purchase the first relief supplies tomorrow with the Satellite Office team from Düsseldorf, especially hygiene items and canned food, and send them directly on their way. There appears to be great need, especially in nursing homes and homes for the elderly, facilities for the disabled, and makeshift overnight accommodations. Tomorrow around noon, a sprinter provided to us will arrive in Nideggen with hygiene items such as toothbrushes, soaps, wet wipes, incontinence diapers and also fresh laundry – basics that a person needs. Uta Raasch and the other many helpers on site guide us to the right places. In this way, without loss, without the hydrocephalus of large donation organizations, every item really does reach those in need directly.

Throw a life ring too!
If you feel you can and want to help, let’s throw lots of little lifesavers together. I will keep you informed tomorrow and in the next few days about the situation on the ground and what you can do very specifically. Also, tomorrow we will announce a donation account number where it is absolutely guaranteed that really every cent goes directly. We will also continue to report on the need for in-kind donations.

I would already like to thank Uta Raasch and all the helpers for their tireless commitment and their spirited efforts. I’m looking forward to getting more off the ground together. My word, every cent, every donation arrives. We will keep you informed through our social channels.

Yours Anita Gödiker