What to consider now

20. July 2022

The vacation trip is over – Corona is still there.

It feels like the whole republic has been on vacation in recent weeks – despite or perhaps because of Corona. The longing for a change of scenery, for new experiences and above all for some sun was just too great. Because many have stayed at home for more than a year. Staycation, balcony or vacation at home were the most searched words on Google about vacation. This was now definitely over and many went on vacation. But the beautiful vacation season is now coming to an end, work calls!

What happens now after the vacation at work? Corona is still here and is once again keeping us in check with rising numbers. Covid has changed our lives in all areas: Travel, family, work. However, we have more than a year of experience with the virus and know how to protect ourselves and others. Many are now also already double vaccinated. It is important, especially now, after the vacation, do not become careless. Consideration. To this end, Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office, appeals: “Stay cautious! Get vaccinated, if you have not already done so. However, even vaccinated should continue to test or be tested. After the vacation trip but also before and after participating in events that are now gradually reentering our daily lives.”

Consideration and caution – why it is so important right now!

“Again and again we hear from the media but also from Satellite Offices that infections occur despite double vaccination. This is no reason to panic, but reason enough to be careful and to continue to follow the AHA rules, to get tested, but above all, the voluntary vaccination is a contribution to the safety of all” appeals Anita Gödiker. Through the vacation trips, there were many gatherings that did not exist before. In many vacationing countries, dealing with Covid under the hot sun was also a bit more casual than in Germany. So, on to the test before you return to work. Be considerate and careful is the motto of the hour. We wish a good start, much success and nice encounters. We are allowed to do that again now!