Stand with Ukraine:

20. July 2022

Two Ukrainian women at Satellite Office

Only the laptop and a few important papers fit into the only suitcase that Daria (21) and Olha (21) could each take with them on their flight to Germany. The two Ukrainians left everything behind due to the war and fought their way to Berlin- Reinickendorf. A short time later, Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office, received a call from an architect friend in her network, asking if Satellite Office could support two young women from Ukraine. Satellite Office could!

The two Ukrainians have been working at Satellite Office in Berlin since March. Actually, Daria and Olha studied in Ukraine. Olha studied cultural management and social marketing in Kharkiv, was about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Daria studied Management of International Economic Relations in Kharkiv National University of Economics. But as we all know, everything turned out differently. For three months now, the young Ukrainians have been enriching the Satellite Office team in Berlin, taking care of “office readiness”, i.e. ensuring that everything runs smoothly, looks perfect and is “ready” for all customers in Satellite Office’s open spaces and offices.

“Almost everyone who arrives here asks the question in the first few days: when and where can I work?” says Olha. Work is important, not only because people need money. “Work helps you settle in, integrate and learn the language. I’ve been standing on my own two feet since I was 17 and have always earned my own money in addition to my studies, so it was very important to me here as well,” says Olha. You were able to complete your bachelor’s degree two weeks ago despite the war and a new place of residence – thank goodness for remote working. “People who come from Ukraine have a high level of education, so integration into the German labor market is possible quite quickly,” says Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office.

“For us, the employment of Olha and Daria is an enormous help! We are making rapid progress on the path to internationalization, and will be opening locations in French-speaking Switzerland and Italy in the near future. We already have employees from eight nations. We are happy about this cultural enrichment of our team!”.

We will continue to accompany Daria and Olha on their way in Germany and will give an update here at regular intervals. Stand with Ukraine!