Satellite Office Hamburg: When agile working meets sustainability and biorhythm

08. May 2023

Renovation in the traditional “Gutruf House” promises quiet and high-quality working environment

The Satellite Office in the traditional “Gutruf-Haus” in Hamburg will undergo an exciting renovation from June to August this year. However, this is not just about a visual change, but also about optimizing the working environment. Satellite Office’s new design concept follows the pureSilent® philosophy, which focuses on quiet, concentration and high-quality materials. It was launched on the market in 2019. The concept focuses on the five senses of the human being. For example, care is taken to ensure that lighting supports biorhythms and that furniture is ergonomically designed to relieve strain on the back and neck. The feel of the materials also plays an important role, because it should always be high-quality, soft and pleasant.

An important step towards a healthier and more productive working environment

The renovation of the Satellite Office in the “Gutruf-Haus” therefore includes not only a redesign of the premises, but also a careful selection of sustainable and recyclable materials. Soundproof zones will ensure that everyone can work undisturbed and with concentration. The pureSilent® philosophy has already proven itself at other Satellite Office locations and will be successively implemented at the Hamburg “Gutruf-Haus” as well. The philosophy has even won several architectural awards, which shows that it is also recognized in the professional world of architecture and design. Lorna Marie Abend, Director of the two Satellite Offices in Hamburg, says: “The renovation in the “Gutruf Haus” is not only a visual change, but also an important step towards a healthier and more productive working environment.”

It will be exciting to see how the new design concept will further enhance the work environment and what new opportunities it will create. Although there will be some restrictions during the renovation phase, we are confident that we will soon be able to present a great new Satellite Office. “We would already like to thank all Satellite Office customers at Gutruf House for their understanding and assure them that we will make every effort to find a good solution to any problem. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me directly,” said Director Lorna Marie Abend.