New impetus for small and medium-sized enterprises

20. July 2022

Since Brexit, German-British trade relations have been put to the test. For many medium-sized companies, the EU exit means a significant increase in bureaucracy, costs and effort – in short, huge challenges. There can be no talk of routine yet. It is all the more important now to cultivate the German-British friendship – not only for reasons of tradition, but also because the post-Brexit situation is an opportunity:namely for a realignment in order to face the current challenges together and solve the pressing issues.

This week, the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany (BCCG) addressed some of these important questions. The highlight of the event was the presentation of the German-British #Freundship Award to Jürgen Klopp. Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office and member and cooperation partner of the BCCG, was also present: “The focus of the event was clearly on reviving German-British relations after Brexit. Because apart from Brexit, there are many other issues that concern us across borders. Intensive German-British cooperation can help to jointly drive forward solutions,” said the Satellite Office founder. Satellite Office brand ambassador Kiki Kuhnert also attended the evening on this topic. She is very well positioned internationally and has lived in the USA for almost 20 years.

Satellite Office brings its expertise to the network through its partnership with the BCCG: The international Satellite Office Brexit team advises companies on setting up a branch, subsidiary or representative office in Germany. Satellite Office offers companies convenient, risk-free and fast solutions to keep employees, customers and registrations in the European market.

British flair is included

At Satellite Office’s various locations, companies have access to luxurious office landscapes in which British understatement is cultivated: Style, the highest standards, success and a representative appearance characterize the atmosphere in the 5-star offices. And when it comes to dealing with each other, British politeness is the model, coupled with a dash of British humor. “Life is serious enough as it is. It’s better to live with courtesy, poise and humor – this is the spirit we want to uphold at Satellite Offices,” says Anita Gödiker.

“We are delighted that an event like the German-British #Freundship Award is giving new impetus to this spirit and revitalizing the German-British friendship – despite Brexit,” adds the entrepreneur. This was reflected not least in the mood among the participants: The topics were urgent, but the audience was full of drive and energy, freely following the motto: let’s get things done together.

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