Lovingly detailed work: Magnificent original stucco for KUD15 GLORIA BERLIN

20. July 2022

Splendid original stucco for the new Satellite Office “KUD15 Gloria Berlin”.

We are working and designing feverishly for the opening of the new Satellite Offices Workspace in the “KUD15 Gloria Berlin” at the Gedächtniskirche in Berlin. It will be as early as the end of September 2020. The Gloria Berlin is a magnificent Gründerzeit building that tells stories and lets you feel the swing of old Berlin. Anita Gödiker: “This is a project my heart beats for. The many beautiful period style elements – such as sliding doors, tiled stoves, bay windows, stucco ceilings and the small balconies facing Ku’damm – are being restored to their original state. This is a gift. The color scheme from the building’s original period is currently being restored in the building. It’s magnificent,” says Satellite Office’s managing director enthusiastically.

Anita Gödiker also gave us the tip to talk to Jens Richter, owner of the company “Richter Stuck und Spezialbau GmbH”. A true artist of his guild, he faithfully restored the elaborate ornamentation and fine stucco ceilings. Jens Richter is a trained master plasterer and state-certified restorer in the stucco trade – for almost 30 years. He has been working on the rare project with his team of up to 6 people for more than half a year. “The task was to bring over 600 square meters of stucco ceilings back to life. There are three types of stucco ceilings, all three very elaborate.” First of all, the dirt layers of the last decades had to be carefully removed from the 600 square meters of ceiling surfaces. “There were up to five hard coats of dirt on the ceilings, and we carefully removed them with a steam blaster so as not to destroy the valuable colors and ornaments underneath.” Working out the ceiling painting and the bronzes was a very special challenge, he says. Jens Richter: “For me, there is a very special highlight in the project: In one room, there is a stucco ceiling that looks like it is made of wood. But it was all plaster stucco. In terms of craftsmanship, that was the most elaborate room. There was also water damage there, so a lot had to be redone and added.” Jens Richter further reports surrounding ornamented corner coving in three different varieties: acanthus leaves, ornamented cartouches, and small console corner coving. All rooms are decorated with ornamented ceiling mirrors in the form of coffers and circles.

What must it be like to soon be working under such historic, handcrafted ceilings? Will anyone think later that so much craftsmanship, attention to detail and heart and soul went into the restoration of the ceilings alone? I, for one, will look up more often and think of Jens Richter, who created this “heaven” for us!