Chapeau, Christophe Mouchené!

19. July 2022

Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of the company

Managing Director Christophe Mouchené celebrates crystal wedding at Satellite Office. 15 years he’s been at it. I tip my hat and say “Thank you!” Christophe was celebrated with a lavish party on the roof terrace of the Satellite Office at Ku’damm, our home port, in sunny weather and best mood!

How it all began? It was 2004. It was an attempt to give a young man from Paris who had moved here a chance in Berlin. His special characteristics: little knowledge of the German language, tennis partner of my tax consultant, good education and manners, a real controller – you could say a bean counter. The latter appealed to me the most. A bean counter has to recognize numbers and they look the same in German and French. The lure of being able to attract a real commercial controller was clearly greater than the concern about language barriers.

Today I can say that the attempt was 5000% successful! We wanted to make Satellite Office big. This has been successful. Without Christophe’s outstanding contribution of high competence, commitment and passion for this company, this would definitely not have been possible.

I was and still am allowed to meet a wonderful person. Always a gentleman, stylish, humorous, trustworthy, straightforward, value-conscious and self-confident. A unique mixture with the rating “particularly valuable”. We argued, haggled over every point, engaged in the cause. We laughed, had fun and rejoiced together over successes. We have used defeats as a springboard for new successes. Especially the last years have shaped our extraordinary form of cooperation and led to a great success. You have really done great things. Chapeau, Christophe!

Now I say “Mercie.” Mercie beaucoup pour 15 wonderful years. Mercie beaucoup for many, many more years of Satellite Office!

Your Anita