Bye-bye Britania

20. July 2022

SAY HELLO to Satellite Office’s newest partner, the British Chamber of Commerce!

Brexit is complete, but the trade agreement does not yet represent final arrangements. The consequences are likely to be high tariffs, higher taxes and non-tariff barriers. Products become more expensive and trade more complicated. A preliminary balance sheet that calls on entrepreneurs to act!

Satellite Office receives more and more inquiries for the establishment of branches, subsidiaries or representative offices from England. Frankfurt and Hamburg in particular are popular and in demand as financial and commercial centers. The German-British Business Outlook 2021 by KMPG shows what expectations and fears German and British companies have in times of Brexit. For example, more than 50% of the companies surveyed said they expect their revenues to decline compared to the non-Brexit year 2020, and 33% even plan to relocate their business from the UK to Germany or another EU country by 2025.

What do companies need now?

In last week’s business section of the newspaper “Die WELT”, the headline read: “As a last resort, England’s companies have no choice but to flee to Europe”. What companies need now is a smart start without great risk, because the Corona planning uncertainty is adding to the difficulty. In order to offer British and German companies a professional point of contact at Satellite Office and to be able to answer the many inquiries with profound knowledge and suitable offers, Satellite Office has now brought a valid cooperation partner on board with the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany. Companies are now primarily concerned with retaining employees, customers and approvals in the European market. This requires a branch office, a subsidiary or a representative office in Germany. Satellite Office offers all this flexibly, securely, very conveniently and at extremely attractive prices in Germany and Switzerland.

Benefit from the expertise of the Satellite Office-Brexit team, submit your request for a branch, subsidiary or representative office today. We advise you and show you with which Satellite Office solution you are ready to start immediately, take no risks and comply with the legislation. You can also benefit from our cooperation with the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany. Here is the direct line to our international Brexit team: