Satellite Office. This success story goes back more than 23 years, shaped by instinct, passion and an eye for what’s really important in working life.


Casual luxury workspaces at the best addresses.

Founded by Anita Gödiker in Berlin more than 23 years ago, Satellite Office is still owner-managed to this day, which is something to be proud of in this industry. But that’s no reason to rest on our laurels, as we’re looking to set benchmarks in terms of atmosphere, location and friendliness in the decades to come as well. But why has Satellite Office been so successful for so long? It’s simple. Because we have our finger on the pulse as well as instinct deep inside for the market, trends and social interaction, which sets us apart from the rest. This instinct, this friendliness, makes us what we are today – a home port for everyone who is searching for deep working.

But let’s go back to the beginning. It’s 1997 and Berlin is booming, especially the Mitte district. There’s a shortage of affordable workspace. But a visionary, highly pragmatic landlord at Checkpoint Charlie creates the first Satellite Office to keep office costs low and enable collaboration. Even back then, the atmosphere was anything but conventional, with a warm and cosy flair rather than cold open-plan offices, social interaction instead of anonymous services by the book. No one had ever done anything like that before, which is exactly why it was so successful. With intuition and an eye for aesthetics, we managed to capture the spirit of the times.

This instinct is a common thread throughout our success story, reflected, for example, in the opening of new buildings at premium addresses in the most exciting cities. Our guests want to work in the thick of the action and, more importantly, are not willing to compromise when it comes to lifestyle, which is why our Satellite Offices are designed to fall somewhere between tailor-made suit and designer outfit. We’re luxurious, but never decadent. We’re professional, but not uptight. We believe in substance rather than facade. This is how the concept of the casual luxury workspace came about nearly ten years ago. Once again, this response confirmed our instincts. We continued developing under our own steam – consistently without bending and without selling our soul. After nearly a quarter of a century, our guest can count on us every day. Because we’re credible and reliable, because we focus on the person.

This instinct came to the fore again in 2017. As a polar opposite to hectic society and the pitfalls of digitisation, we make a statement by giving peace and quiet the space they deserve. After all, there’s no focus without quiet. No concentration without quiet. No productivity without quiet. That’s how pureSilent® came about. We’ve been incorporating the revolutionary room concept as an interior design line at selected locations since the end of 2019. This effort to create the perfect environment for deep working is an expression of our soul, our instincts and our empathy.

Today you’ll find our Satellite Offices in exclusive architecture at the best addresses in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich. Fully equipped offices with personal office and telephone services, virtual offices at the best locations, elegant conference rooms and exceptionally quiet co-working spaces all help to create an impressive business impression. Our spacious lounge areas allow consultants, athletes, politicians and decision makers to network. Networks often help shape your personal career path, so it’s good that you as a Satellite Office customer are also a member of one of the largest business clubs there is – with more than 5,000 members at eleven locations. Do you need a lawyer for patent protection? The second door to the right, between the financial advisor and the motivational trainer. Be part of our exclusive network and experience our casual luxury workspaces up close and personal. We look forward to hearing from you.


There’s no substitute for good employees and they’re quite difficult to find. Even the best concept is ultimately useless if there’s no one to implement it correctly, which is why a professional, competent and motivated team is so important to us at Satellite Office. We thus design what might possibly be the best workspaces worldwide – for our customers and our employees. To ensure it stays that way in the future, we’re constantly on the lookout for new talents and experienced experts for our crew. Whether you’re a trainee or a location manager, if you possess the instinct of a host in your genes and enjoy a highly varied working day, then we’d like to welcome you.