When you opt for one of our co-working spaces in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich or Zurich, don’t be surprised if you encounter a little envy on occasion, as you work where others would love to work.


It’s simple ‘work physics’: places of peace and quiet attract productivity.

First things first: We’re different from everyone else. We don’t do co-working because it’s in fashion. We do it because we started doing it more than 23 years ago. With the first co-working spaces in Berlin – long before the term co-working even existed. Even back then, we were already bringing together business and lifestyle, work and life, and continue to do so to this day, just with more experience and a keen eye for the needs of our guests. So it’s a good job for us that agile working is becoming more and more important. At our Satellite Offices, you can expect flexible, agile and networked working – without the commitment. And the location is a core element. A premium co-working space is usually located in the heart of the city. Berlin is the perfect example. Two of the spaces in Berlin are located directly at Kurfürstendamm, the ultimate address for business and lifestyle.

But what really makes us unique is the way in which we systematically appeal to all the senses. We differentiate between decoration and design. Our co-working spaces are designed to ensure that guests feel right at home and find the peace and quiet necessary to do their work. For maximum success. We pay special attention to the sense of hearing. Many smaller break-out areas accommodate discrete meetings and offer space for focused working and thinking. At the same time, the casually luxurious bistro and lounge areas of the co-working spaces create a tasteful atmosphere. Many visitors refer to this warm feeling as ‘office club’, which we think is apt. After all, you can expand your network even further in our meeting areas and at exclusive membership events.

In addition to our co-working spaces, the so-called open workspaces, you also have access to individual and team offices, conference and meeting rooms, and a variety of event spaces such as our roof terraces, all of which can be flexibly booked. Each and every room is fully equipped and immediately move-in-ready. If you’re expecting guests, our professional teams will be happy to receive them for you. And if all you need is an impressive business address, we recommend our virtual office. By the way, our Master Membership is included free of charge in all co-working space offers. All that combined is Satellite Office, a company with a soul and a home port for everyone looking to settle in and get started.


A fairy tale propagated by the competition: peace and quiet in cheap spaces.

For more than 23 years, we’ve filled the concept of co-working with the class it has often lacked. The name Satellite Office represents peace and quiet combined with high-quality luxury. After all, we know only too well just how important peace and quiet are for focused, productive working – deep working. That of course is in stark contrast to the conventional approach in the industry. Whether in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin or at Viktualienmarkt in Munich, co-working is usually loud, colourful and – to put it politely – ultra dynamic. In other words, a representation of our society with its never-ending hustle and bustle and the pitfalls of digitisation. We want to offer an alternative. Specifically, an alternative that’s especially quiet and still manages to leave its mark on the market. Because we give peace and quiet the space they deserve. After all, there’s no focus without quiet. No concentration without quiet. No productivity without quiet. We’ve become the first and only provider to entirely redefine the concept of co-working. And that’s how pureSilent® came about – welcome relief for all five senses.

Since it was launched at the end of 2019, we’ve been incorporating the brand-new room concept as an interior design line at selected locations: clear lines, minimalist design and specially developed furnishings for unadulterated deep working. pureSilent® represents the future, the natural consequence of our continuous development. And the logical translation of our way of thinking into the physical room design – high-quality furniture pieces, innovative workspaces and state-of-the-art soundproofing as the silent crowning glory of our workspaces. As you can see, we offer an alternative to the competition, though our alternative has no alternative. Secure your workspace now at a premium location. Our co-working spaces look forward to seeing you.


  • Premium co-working spaces
  • Clear, minimalist design
  • Optimised acoustics for maximum concentration
  • Insulated spaces and protected break-out areas for absolute discretion
  • At selected locations
  • Master Membership for just €99: use of all co-working spaces at all locations


For even more success.

Spoilt for choice: a co-working space in Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg or Zurich – it’s entirely up to you. You’ll be sure to impress everyone with your location. For example, the co-working spaces at Ku’damm in Berlin or at the Binnenalster and Jungfernstieg in Hamburg. Here you have the best addresses for agile working at your disposal.


Because there’s nothing better than freedom.

You can work in the co-working space or, of course, a flexible office at all our locations from Berlin to Zurich. When it comes to temporary offices, you determine the contract period yourself and select the appropriate office size for your needs. The temporary office is thus the ideal solution for cost-conscious entrepreneurs who travel frequently, as an emergency office for when your own office has been damaged, as a transitional office if your office is stuck in the construction boom, for teams in limited-time projects and for everyone who values a flexible, yet closed-off premium workspace. Or to put it simply, the perfect complement to co-working.


  • Elegantly furnished offices in a variety of sizes

  • Premium co-working spaces

  • Premium business address

  • Local telephone service

  • Post and parcel service

  • Conference rooms optional

  • High-speed Wi-Fi

  • Telephone, printer, scanner, copier

  • Master Membership for just €99: use of all co-working spaces at all locations


Workspace savings often come at a price: your success. You won’t find surprises like these with our co-working spaces. A flexible workspace at the best location and premium quality have their benefits. You can find an overview of them all here.


Your office grows with your company.

A simple example to illustrate the benefits of a flexible workspace for you: Imagine you’re founding a company and Berlin is the location of your choice. It’s a great idea, though you will have to move unfortunately. As German football fans chant: ‘Berlin, Berlin, we’re going to Berlin.’ In addition to the stressful process of finding a flat in Berlin, you also need to overcome numerous bureaucratic obstacles, all the while promoting your business. And you were actually hoping to focus on the truly important things. But that’s easier said than done, as your day-to-day business is full of unexpected distractions such as the search for the right workspace in Berlin. There are plenty of options, but what should you do? Purchase a small office, build something yourself or choose the flexible option of renting a workspace? Of course, it’s also an issue of philosophy. Which is better for the brand? Your own spaces or exchange with like-minded people? But it’s definitely an issue of costs, which makes using a shared infrastructure with flexible terms the reasonable decision.

So you opt for one of our co-working spaces in Berlin to start with. After all, you value peace and quiet because you need to be focused as you work to advance your company as quickly as possible. And once that happens, you encounter the biggest problem that many start-ups in Berlin face: your exponential growth. If the company outgrows the long-term office spaces you’ve rented, costs can quickly double, which in worst case can completely block any further growth. That won’t happen to you in our co-working spaces in Berlin. With rental by the hour, day or month, you have complete control of your workspace, because we assume the risk on your behalf.


Traditional office spaces traditionally offer little flexibility

The main problem is namely the rental agreements for commercial properties. Extremely long agreements are the norm, with rental periods of five to ten years most common in Germany. But why do our co-working spaces in Berlin represent an exception? They don’t. There’s just one difference: Satellite Office concludes the long-term rental agreement with the building owner. You don’t need to worry about that. If you were to choose the other path and rent office spaces from the owner yourself, you could possibly reduce the contract period to 36 months with some exceptional negotiating skills. Of course, that’s still much too long, as founders shouldn’t and don’t want to get tied down during the start-up phase. And more importantly, because owners demand exorbitant security deposits due to bad past experiences – often between 8 and 24 times the monthly rent.

As mentioned above, their desire to grow is the reason founders are afraid – and rightly so – to commit. Back to our example: You’ve been working at one of our co-working spaces in Berlin for several months and business is going well. You also opt for co-working for your first employee. She doesn’t live in Berlin yet and will first be working in one of our co-working spaces in Munich, her home town. For meetings with freelancers and business partners, you use the flexible conference rooms in the capital city. Then a breakthrough: you land your first large-scale order. While it is project-specific, income and growth are secure for several months. High time to put together a permanent core team and your company grows to an impressive seven employees. You use our co-working spaces in Berlin for freelancers from now on, whilst your permanent employees are housed in two flexible team offices. You yourself work in an executive office, where you also conduct negotiations with potential customers. You can continue in this way indefinitely, integrating project teams, renting entire floors, your first company anniversary party on the roof terrace, an industry conference in one of the co-working spaces, seminars, workshops, conferences. Even if your company is eventually ready for its own location, you can continue to use the flexible workspace and the prestigious business address. In a case like this, Berlin is only the beginning and the sky’s the limit.


Flexible offices and co-working spaces from Berlin to Zurich

A co-working space and offices for a limited time are therefore the perfect springboard for companies during the growth phase. But even established medium-sized companies and large corporations benefit from Satellite Office’s flexible range in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Zurich, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. The services associated with the actual workspace play a key role: the prestigious business address, meeting rooms of various sizes and, of course, telephone and post support provided by absolute experts. We look forward to accompanying you on your journey.