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Satellite Office rents out flexible office space in Frankfurt that is available for you to start right away. If you are looking for a prestigious individual office, team office, project office, share office or executive office in Frankfurt, you have come to the right place. Rent your office in Frankfurt at Satellite Office, rent an office that adapts to you and your needs, enlargements or downsizing are possible at any time. In addition to the fantastic office in the center of Frankfurt with a view of the Alte Oper, you will receive an excellently trained office service team that will support you with administrative work. You can also rent our award-winning conference rooms in the building as required, naturally at a discount for you as an office tenant.

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Upsizing or downsizing at any time

Location. Location. Location.

High-speed Internet

Rentable by the hour and by the day

Elegant offices

Flexible booking of conference rooms

Flipchart incl. Moderation case optional

Call answering in your company name

Honored with awards

Mail acceptance & Forwarding

Print jobs and printers

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IN Frankfurt

If you are looking for a stylishly furnished individual office in Frankfurt at one of the most sought-after business addresses in Germany, then we have an attractive offer for you. First-class office space with a unique working atmosphere is available to you at Opernplatz. Designer office furniture, selected according to our in-house pureSilent® room concept, creates the ideal basis for your work in a stylish ambience. It goes without saying that business partners can be received here at the highest level. If you are planning a larger meeting, you can always rent one of our conference rooms at a reduced rate.

Rent a Team office
IN Frankfurt

Creating an office for innovation - we design your inspiring team environment in Frankfurt with passion.
Our team offices in Frankfurt ensure an increase in productivity even for well-established project teams. Short communication channels encourage exchange between employees and promote collaboration. We deliberately rent out offices for teams consisting of a maximum of 6 people to ensure that there is still a pleasant and non-stressful atmosphere. In contrast to open-plan offices, you have focus and clarity here. If your team needs external or other project-related employees on a temporary basis, you can book our 5-, 10- or 20-day tickets to let them work at our flexible workstations. In this way, you can adapt your office space perfectly to the permanent team and expand it at any time. At the same time, our office services team provides administrative support so that your team can focus on your project.

Day Office rent
in Frankfurt

Your exclusive private office in Frankfurt can be rented from one hour - if your day requires an office. Ensuring flexibility while maintaining the highest quality is a top priority at our offices in Frankfurt. We are taking this concept to the next level with our day offices. The finest furniture is combined according to the pureSilent® concept to create a prestigious office that you can rent by the hour and at short notice. Perfect for concentrated work or receiving guests at the highest level. For your time in one of our day offices you need nothing but your laptop. The Satellite Office team and our flexible office world take care of the rest. In addition to your office, you can hire services of the highest quality on request. Secretarial services such as telephone or mail service are available on a flexible basis. And of course we have first-class coffee for you. Welcome to your day office in Frankfurt!

Executive office rental
IN Frankfurt

If you are looking for a stylish and luxurious office with exquisite interior design, then our exclusive executive offices in Frankfurt are the perfect choice for you. You can get started right away and save yourself the high costs of office equipment. Our professional office service, which undergoes regular training, takes care of all administrative tasks so that you can focus on your core expertise. With us, you don't just rent an office in Frankfurt, but become part of an office world that adapts flexibly to you, your business and your changing requirements. Welcome to your prestigious executive office in Frankfurt!


Enhance your and your company's image by renting an office at what is probably Frankfurt's most prestigious address. Renting an office at a prestigious business address such as Opernplatz 14 will help you to make contact with customers far beyond Frankfurt's borders. However, renting an office at such a spectacular business address is often associated with high costs and long waiting times and contract periods. At Satellite Office, you can rent offices with a view of Frankfurt's most famous landmarks and remain flexible at the same time. But that's not all - the Satellite Office Frankfurt offers a state-of-the-art environment with first-class office equipment. In contrast to conventional office rentals of this quality, we offer flexible terms that are normally unthinkable. When renting our offices in Frankfurt, you only pay for as much office space as you currently need and keep the option of expanding at any time. The ultimate upgrade in Frankfurt for every business card!


At Satellite, you not only rent one of the finest offices in Frankfurt, but also one of the most sustainable. The nature of a business center means that in-house resources are used efficiently. Office service staff, conference rooms, work materials and office spaces such as the bistro, the open space and even the cleaning staff are shared here. What was created over 25 years ago with a view to simplified processes and cost efficiency is now proving to be extremely sustainable. Renting one of our offices in Frankfurt is therefore not only good for your budget, but also for the planet. The office space is used efficiently and you never pay for empty office space. A win-win situation - rent your office in Frankfurt and stay sustainable without having to sacrifice luxury.


In Frankfurt, we offer various office spaces to meet the specific requirements of your company. As different professional groups have different requirements for their rented offices, sales employees who make a lot of phone calls and receive business partners will find a single office with a side table - a so-called sales office - the perfect environment for negotiations. Agile teams, on the other hand, need an inspiring and creative working atmosphere. That's why our light-flooded team offices are specially designed to create conducive communication between tenants without causing unrest. For business people who need a representative and spacious office, our executive offices are perfect. The finest office furniture combined with the latest technology make these offices the pinnacle of our office space in Frankfurt. Here you will find the ideal platform for your business, and the reception of your guests will be an outstanding experience. Welcome to your individually designed office in Frankfurt!


Don't just rent a simple office in Frankfurt from us, rent a state-of-the-art serviced office. Our beautiful offices in Frankfurt, are made into an all-round carefree office package by first-class office staff. Here you and your guests can expect a "five-star level" reception and service. Our professional staff take on secretarial work on your behalf, the mail and telephone service relieves your employees, and you gain more time for the tasks of your core competence. Do you need a conference room? Our award-winning premises will be prepared for you with excellence and to your taste. If you require fine catering and service during the meeting, we will support you discreetly. Not only do you save on personnel costs and training expenses, but you can also rely on everything running according to plan. We take as many tasks off your hands as possible to make your work in your new office easier. Ask your director about your office in Frankfurt and the associated office services!


The offices available for rent from Satellite Office in Frankfurt are characterized by individual contract terms and immediate availability. We provide a remedy in an office segment where conventional rental agreements come with high costs and long contract terms as standard. Become part of our office world and stay agile. In times of financial uncertainty, it is crucial to be prepared for any situation. A change of location or adjustment of the size of your office space is possible at any time. You can rent a flexible single office from us or an entire floor, and adapt your office space if the requirements for your business change. Welcome to your office in Frankfurt - representative, flexible and tailor-made for you and your business.

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