War, crisis, climate

21. July 2022

Shape your business with the ability to act!

Fragmented supply chains, scarce raw materials, Russia’s attack on Ukraine – entrepreneurs must now act even more flexibly to be and remain successful. This starts with the planning of office space and workplaces and extends to the development of new markets with as little risk as possible. Because one thing is certain: the ostrich tactic no longer works, because a return to the coziness of the past is out of the question.

How do you become as flexible as possible?

Three recommendations for action from Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office:

  1. Office space only as needed: review your space needs regularly. Today, it is common to work in projects. Therefore, sometimes you need more jobs, sometimes less. Don’t tie yourself down with long-term leases! Stay flexible by requesting monthly project offices from us. And if you need a few extra spaces, they can even access our coworking spaces on a daily billing basis.
  • Expansion with cost airbag: Many entrepreneurs want to expand and set up a new location. Either a subsidiary or a branch office can be established for this purpose. First of all, all you need is a business address and you will get it from us in no time. For example, a new market can also be tested, without much effort and with very precisely defined costs for the business address.
  • Home office +: Think very carefully about what you need in addition to the home office for professional meetings and digital conferences. In many cases, Satellite Office membership is the best solution. This gives you access to thirteen locations, so you always have a place to work temporarily and the best address for meetings and conferences of all kinds. In our digital rooms you will find the latest technology, from here you can communicate securely via broadband and 4K technology to the whole world.

Now you need us and we are here for you! With our highly qualified directors, you have competent contact persons who can give you impulses for modern, flexible working and describe best practice examples. We are looking forward to your call.