Save energy and resources in the office

14. October 2022

Tips that will help us all!

Heating, brightness, rosehip tea: In the office, we consume a lot of energy. A lot can be saved with just a few simple steps! We “only” need to change our habits – this is notoriously difficult, but certainly possible.

That’s why we’ve come up with something new! We have reinterpreted the “Do Not Disturb” door hangers from hotels as a small reminder: They will soon be hanging on doors throughout the Satellite Offices as a reminder that we need to work together to save resources and energy. Anita Gödiker, CEO of Satellite Office: “We believe that saving energy is a task for society as a whole. With the door hangers, we’re bringing the idea to life and constantly reminding everyone of it.” The action runs until the habits have changed!

And another important message: we should start immediately. Because resources are scarce and high energy costs will hit us, directly and very personally. Gone are the days of thoughtlessness and waste.

Here are our tips, which in total already bring quite a lot:

  1. Consistently turn off lights when leaving the office
  2. Heating consistently down to minimum overnight
  3. Reduce room temperature by 2 degrees during the day
  4. Close windows consistently when leaving the office
  5. Shock ventilation, no tilting windows
  6. Switch off electrical appliances completely/ use power strips with off switch
  7. Reduce screen brightness
  8. Make the kettle only as full as you need for a cup of tea

But there is also good news: By working at Satellite Office and not alone in your home office, you save quite a bit anyway. In addition, Satellite Office has been buying cheaper green electricity for years and 90% of the lighting has been converted to LED. Nevertheless, no reason to be careless.

So the motto for the winter can only be: save energy wherever possible! No longer be careless or even wasteful, the times should now finally be a thing of the past. For the sake of the environment – when the wallet does not matter!