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28. February 2023

For whom it is now so really worth it!

With the following tips, you can quickly check whether you can save money with a temporary office and whether your job is suitable for a day office or renting office space by the hour.

We offer the possibility to rent temporary offices at the following locations:

What are the advantages of a temporary office?

First of all, it’s clear that paying only for what you use always saves you money. After all, why rent an office or workspace for thirty to thirty-one days a month when only a few days are needed?

With Satellite Office, the math is simple: you only pay for what you need. And you determine whether billing should be done in hourly, daily or monthly mode. You simply can’t get more flexibility when renting an office or desk! Another advantage is certainly the high quality of the offices and workstations at Satellite Office, which also meet the finest lifestyle: a watchful eye on lighting, ergonomics and surfaces ensures maximum concentration and relaxed enjoyment while working.

The office service offered takes everything off the shoulders of temporary office tenants that could be distracting: Telephone service, printouts, flight bookings, organization of coffee breaks or technical support in case of problems. By the way, a smile and a few kind words in between are completely free of charge at Satellite Office.

Temporary office Geneva - Satellite Office
Satellite Office Geneva – Team Office

What is a day office?

With a day office, you rent an office for one or more days. Similar to a hotel, only instead of the bed and night you just rent an office for a day! This is a very worthwhile principle if you often work in different cities.

At Satellite Office, the day offices are always very representatively furnished. If you receive guests or convene meetings by the hour in the smallest group. Peace and discretion play a major role at Satellite Office. The acoustics are planned so that nothing and no one can disturb their conversations. Ergonomics and the best lighting conditions are also very important in the day office. After all, people who rent a day office should feel comfortable and be supported in their work in the best possible way by the environment.

An office that perfectly fits you, your lifestyle and your goals.

Satellite Office office spaces are furnished with attention to detail and designed for maximum productivity. Ideal for business people who place the highest value on concentrated work – and at the same time want to benefit from the unique network at our locations.

What are the office concepts?

You can rent everything from a team office to a single office, from a space without a desk in the public area to a desk in the coworking space for a limited period of time. Even a company address can be rented – that’s how diverse the offer is!

Satellite Office always starts with the key question: How do you want to work? A few days at home office, a few days at the company headquarters, a few days at Satellite Office for meetings and completely concentrated work with the best Easy Access technology and damn good coffee? Actually, when renting an office or desk on a temporary basis, any combination is possible. You decide how you want to work, we at Satellite Office build your working model in a completely customized and cost-efficient way.

But the focus is always on people: great surroundings, excellent furniture, muted colors and high-quality materials characterize each of the now thirteen Satellite Offices in Germany and Switzerland.

Is the temporary office the office of the future?

No way! Renting a temporary office is the office concept of today – and has been since at least the day before yesterday. Corona has changed the world and the way we humans work is also fundamentally different than before.

Regardless of whether you just want to rent a desk, a team office or a temporary office – everything has become even more flexible and permeable. However, Satellite Office has been providing answers to the question of how work will be done in the future for over 25 years, because Satellite Office is simply always a few steps ahead of its time. Benefit from this long-standing know-how and shape your office future! Whether you rent a team office space, a modern individual office or just a desk. At Satellite Office, you can find your office of the future right now.

What are the cost savings of a temporary office?

Compared to permanently rented office space, you usually save well over 50% when renting workstations or a temporary office.

In the case of Satellite Office, it is often even much more, since the rental prices of absolute top locations apply here. While a permanent office rental for ten people, for example in Frankfurt at Opernplatz, including all ancillary costs such as staff, Internet, cleaning, etc., starts at EUR 22,000, you only pay EUR 10,520 for a temporary office at Satellite Office without a long-term commitment. Düsseldorf for example: EUR 17,500 fixed office – EUR 7,210 satellite office. And in Munich and Hamburg, the bill continues in the same way. Any questions? Why not give Satellite Office a call and ask about your personal cost savings!

For which professional groups is a temporary office suitable?

Whether you’re a creative freethinker or a numbers cruncher, jobs today are as diverse and individual as the demands placed on hiring a workplace. A temporary office is therefore suitable for very many professions in the old and new economy. Whether sales, marketing or consulting.

In addition to the financial and political sectors, Satellite Office is also home to lawyers, notaries and management consultants. Coaches, Marketeers and PR firms also find their way to Satellite Office and rent a workspace or temporary office for short or long periods of time. At the same time, Satellite Office is more focused on those who are already a few steps ahead than start-ups. You could say that start-ups and entrepreneurs who have outgrown their infancy and perhaps even need several locations and are constantly expanding their network feel right at home at Satellite Office.

What is the minimum rental period for a temporary office?

The minimum rental period starts at one hour with many providers! In addition to the cost savings, it is precisely this flexibility in the rental period that is particularly interesting when renting temporary offices. While office space in prime locations usually requires you to sign long-term leases of up to ten years and 3-4 months’ rent deposit, you remain flexible with the rented workstations and temporary offices at Satellite Office.

Everything is financially manageable and can also be adjusted at short notice. With Satellite Office you can grow and shrink, because that’s what the modern working world demands. Sometimes in a large team for a project over several days or months, then again in pairs or alone. You simply book the offices, team offices, day offices and desks for as long as you need them. You can rent conference rooms and workstations by the hour – according to your individual needs. For individual offices, the rental period starts from one day. But Satellite Office does not operate an ordinary rental of office space: everything is extremely luxuriously equipped, the state-of-the-art technology of the temporary offices, the modern individual offices and the team offices never ceases to amaze!