Interview with Artur Szymanis

19. July 2022

Start-ups at Satellite Office: More net for everyone!

A conversation with Artur Szymanis of SalOpt.
Artur Szymanis moved into his workspace at Satellite Office in Berlin’s Ku’damm district last year. Together with his team, he works in the coworking area. Today we meet to talk about his company, his job and the complex topic of salary.

Satellite Office: What does SalOpt mean and when did you start?

Artur Szymanis: “SalOpt stands for Salary Optimization. That is what we do. We design and optimize wages and salaries. We are a startup, founded in 2017,but actually we are not a classic startup, as we already started consulting clients on this topic in 2010 in my previous company. As the founder of SalOpt, my role in the company is primarily to bring our mission to the outside world.I do sales and strategy, but basically everything, as usual for startups. “

Satellite Office: What exactly does your company do?

Artur Szymanis: “We are reshaping wages and salaries through salary components that employers can grant tax-free to their employees.You could also say we are rethinking wages and salaries. We thus give company owners the opportunity to make more out of wages and salaries than is classically known. . The design or optimization of salaries results in savings of EUR 2,000 to 4,000 per year. This saving can be used to reduce personnel costs and at the same time pay employees more net. All this is anchored in the wage tax law, it knows much, much more than the classic gross salary.

Satellite Office: When and who should call SalOpt?

Artur Szymanis: “The greatest scope for design is with new hires, planned bonus payments or salary increases for all employees. Instead of a classic gross payment, which is often hardly noticeable in the net, you can achieve much more with us via other components. We can achieve the most for SMEs in Germany, gladly also owner-managed.”

Satellite Office: How do you go about it?

Artur Szymanis: “We are not the classic consultant,but our way is more comprehensive and sustainable. Sometimes also philosophical. First of all, we use a free potential analysis to show you what optimization options are available in terms of salary. Based on the objectives of our customers and the specific salary data, we visualize the optimization potential and develop a customized process flow for our customers that is integrated into existing HR and payroll processes. We take over the implementation and associated administrative tasks in full for our customers.

All this is made possible by our self-developed software. We are remunerated exclusively on the basis of performance.

By the philosophical approach, I mean that in some cases we are even bringing a new culture into the company, because the way we deal with salaries and bonuses is changing, simply because with us much more becomes possible.”

Why did you choose a workspace provider and not rent your own office space?

Artur Szymanis: “We wanted to become operationally active quickly and be able to grow flexibly. A central location on the Ku’damm is also important to us, as there is now very limited supply. If you have your own offices, you have to take care of a lot of things yourself. We didn’t want that. We also need several locations, Munich and NRW. Satellite Office covers that. We also wanted to build on an existing system that provides back-office support. We did not want to realize our own reception, to take care of telephone etc.. Beautifully furnished rooms were also very important to us. By the way, my favorite room at Satellite Office on Ku’damm is the day office.”

What kind of workstations do you use?

Artur Szymanis: “We use the coworking space. For us it is important that it is very quiet. It is remarkably quiet at Satellite Office,so we can work very concentrated. And we have the variability to come together with the teams from NRW and Munich.”

What is your forecast for the future, how will people work in the future?

Artur Szymanis: “Tough question! I think you’re going to have less and less of the one permanent job. After all, these days, as long as it’s not a manufacturing business, everyone can work from anywhere, so it’s very agile and cross-functional. It is always good to have an office as a kind of dependence from which to operate. For us, it is the case that we are primarily on site with the customer. Or at a coworking facility in Berlin. Our Customer Happiness Team, for example, operates partly from the home office. There are employees who would like to have such opportunities as well. The fixed structures we are used to will soften due to digitization. Everyone will find their way. And that’s a good thing!

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