“I am where design is!”

20. July 2022

Extensive Face Lift at the Ludwigpalais location in Munich

Nomen est omen! This week Satellite Office – CEO Anita Gödiker is on the road in Munich. With the party is always bag with the inscription: “I am where design is”. Their Munich trip could not be more aptly titled. Just in time for its 10th anniversary in Bavaria’s metropolis, Satellite Office is investing over half a million euros in renovation and renewal. Since January 29, all Satellite Office Munich residents in Ludwigpalais have been gradually clearing out their offices. Eight construction phases will be completed by the end of March. Furniture will be replaced and the public areas will receive a complete face-lift with brand-new furnishings. The new pureSilent® Design by Satellite Office will now also find its way into Munich’s Ludwigpalais and provide peace and quiet and protection while working. The interior design impresses with a new space, color and material concept. It serves all the senses and the desire to Deep Work for more productivity. All old, power-hungry devices fly out. “We now only use equipment that is proven sustainable and in line with our spirit of environmental protection,” reports Anita Gödiker.

All about Deep Work
The reception is very elegant, receives three individual piano workstations instead of a counter, just like Frankfurt, and serves the highest demands – a stylish reception for all guests! The third generation of executive chairs, ergonomically a dream, is coming into all offices. The silent coworking area has ceiling-high cubicles, is fully padded and offers the best acoustic protection as well as privacy. With more distance for more safety and well-being. All materials used are acoustically effective. A spacious corner bench serves for casual meetings or as a breakout area for thinking tasks. Many pieces of furniture are Anita Gödiker’s own designs and custom-made joinery of exceptional quality. Two high-tech digital rooms for the latest digital meetings, conference calls and informal meetings around the globe are also being introduced. Soundproofed for absolute silence, security and discretion.

Everything for a luxurious environment
Radical cleanup is underway in the day office, conference room and fireplace room. Armchairs from the Freifrau Manufaktur programs for maximum comfort, glove-soft leather, soft upholstery, soothing color worlds and a sophisticated lighting concept are the new style elements that make each and every room very desirable. The small bistro is captivatingly clear, elegant, and with its Viktualienmarkt scene on the wall, pays homage to its immediate surroundings. So the senses are addressed not only culinary. Satellite Office is thus a big step closer to making all Satellite Offices comparable in terms of quality and equipment. Because a lot has happened there in the last three years: a grown-up, straightforward, soothing elegance is spreading everywhere, leaving the children’s shoes behind.

I want to be where design is…
Just imagine working in the new Satellite Office in Munich! You’ll be right in the middle of the latest design and technology the workspace market currently has to offer. And all this at the highest level – for you, your customers and guests. Everything is ready in time for Easter! Secure your design environment now, Birgit Gemmer is looking forward to your request.