20. July 2022

I resist again! No…I don’t! I do not begin these Easter greetings with: in times of “Corona”. Easter will be very unusual. This is an enormous challenge. Entrepreneurs pore over catalogs of measures and ideas on how to proceed, families can’t get together. And yet in many gardens Easter eggs will be sought, small gifts exchanged and the roast lamb must also be pre-ordered, because hardly anyone wants to do without it. And that is also right!

We humans are programmed to make the best of difficult situations. Over the past few weeks, we’ve changed a lot of things here at Satellite Office, questioning everything and adapting to the crisis in the best possible way. “Entrepreneur,” after all, comes from the verb “to undertake,” to do something, to set something in motion. All locations have maximum hygiene measures, everywhere we have ensured the necessary distance – whether in our cafés or at the reception, whether in the team offices or in the Open Workspaces. By the way, we had another floor built out in Düsseldorf, and the carpenters even stayed overnight with us so as to have as little contact with the outside as possible. Unusual times call for unusual measures.

And yet, as long as you, your families and friends are healthy, all it takes is “just” perseverance. We wish you a happy Easter and look forward to seeing you again. And always entrepreneurial and full of energy. Let’s recharge our batteries on Easter days, enjoy the beautiful spring weather and relax our nerves with lots of creative ideas. I am quite sure that we will succeed.

Happy Easter – with all my heart! Stay healthy.

Yours Anita Gödiker