For a little bit of cautious freedom:

20. July 2022

Quick, quick to the quick test!
That sounds like hectic, like everyday life, like speed. Unfortunately, it is not. It’s like FFP2 masks all over again: everyone wants them, but ordering times are long and the federal government initially says no one needs them either. Instead of speed, it’s more likely to be an emergency stop. Only a rogue who thinks evil of himself!?

By the way, we can exchange the term “FFP2 masks” with the word “rapid test” as we like: everything is repeated. Now that the distribution of commissions and funds has been clarified, do we need them!? Because quick tests do promise a little bit of cautious freedom.

“Rapid tests are now available en masse” was the message about three weeks ago. And, did you also stand at Aldi, in the morning at seven o’clock and did not get any more? We at Satellite Office actually wanted them in December and have now waited over three weeks for delivery in April – at still horrendous prices. Nevertheless, we are willing to invest in this small piece of security for our employees and our guests. Even if the federal government is smoothly distracting from the procurement failure here.

So how do you handle this with the quick test? Before every meeting? Every morning? Once or twice a week? Do you provide the test to your employees to take home or do you test on site? For Satellite Office, we decided to test as often as possible in the office. In this way, we ensure that employees, customers and guests feel comfortable. And not because politicians tell us to, but because that’s what we want for ourselves and for you. This is not to make us overconfident, but it gives a gauge of safety for all. We will additionally wear our FFP2 masks at the workplace. Incidentally, in the managing director’s office at Satelllite Office, both company leaders have been consistently wearing masks since August, airing out a lot and testing themselves almost every morning from now on. For the little piece of cautious freedom!

Sven Böhnisch, Operations Agent at Satellite Office in Berlin