Exhibition: “American Myth” Hannes Schmid

19. July 2022

Guest in Zurich

Do you know the Marlboro Man? Certainly, he is one of the world’s most famous advertising figures. Hannes Schmid photographed the Marlboro advertising campaign. His works can now be found in the collections of major art museums. In September, the Satellite Office in Zurich launched the exclusive event series “American Myth” with photographs by the artist. From the symbolic status of the Marlboro Man in the tobacco industry to the legendary figure in Hollywood – the evolution of the cowboy myth can be experienced live in Zurich. For the exclusive preview with 90 guests at the end of September, artist Hannes Schmid was personally on site and signed art books of his works.

As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to visit this unique exposition with a small group of personal guests (maximum 25). In addition to the art presentation, you will experience an impressive introduction, peppered with film footage, by Hannes Schmid himself or an accomplished curator. Signed art books and exclusive catering are part of the package.

More information and bookings here: or at Satellite Office in Zurich.