Entrepreneurial Talks at St. Peter’s Church in Frankfurt

19. July 2022

Oh you saint! Entrepreneurial Talks at St. Peter’s Church in Frankfurt

Yes, you have read correctly! The Entrepreneurial Talks in Frankfurt take place in the sacred environment of a church. And it gets to the holy of holies: hitherto little-known anecdotes and insights from Anita Gödiker’s twenty-plus-year career in the flexible workspace. The real estate company “Co-Investor” has invited to this unusual environment. The evening will be moderated by Henryk Deter, member of the Executive Board and co-owner of cometis AG in Wiesbaden. In the “Entrepreneur Talks” series, entrepreneurs give very private insights into their lives. Intense conversations among influential people from all major business sectors follow the interviews. I wonder what society thinks of Anita Gödiker’s motto: “We’ve never tried that before, it’s sure to go well” from Pippi Longstocking? Or to her Siemens story, when she was presented with a gold tie pin as a thank you? One thing is as certain as the amen in the church: Anita Gödiker’s interview is entertaining!