Career at Satellite Office: A Success Story by Christin Hadamek

01. September 2023

Christin Hadamek has had a remarkable career at Satellite Office. In 2017 she joins the Satellite Office world as Operations Junior in 2017, just 2 years later in 2019 she becomes Operations Supervisor for Berlin. It quickly becomes clear that she has a knack for quality and is excellent at conveying her knowledge. Since January 2023, she has managed the Resort for Quality & Academy for the company. In a recent interview, she spoke about her new position and her passion for volunteer firefighting.

Christin Hadamek Satellite Office Berlin

A lot has changed for Christin Hadamek since she started at Satellite Office six years ago. From a position as “Operations Junior”, she has now evolved to an important role as “Quality & Academy Manager”. What tasks and goals have you set for yourself?

Christin Hadamek: “In my now not so new job, my main goal is to further increase customer and colleague satisfaction. To this end, I optimize internal processes and train employees at the counters and in the office area at all locations. The aim is to improve quality in all operational areas – although the bar is already set very high. Above all, however, the standards must be the same at all locations”.

Through Christin’s dedicated work and expertise, she contributes daily to Satellite Office remaining the market leader in the luxury segment of flexible workspaces. What do you like most about Satellite Office?

Christin Hadamek: “I really appreciate the opportunity to grow within the company. Satellite Office offers all employees the chance to develop their skills and take on new areas of responsibility. But what’s especially great is the team spirit among the employees! At Satellite Office, there is a positive and supportive working atmosphere within the team, which allows us employees to feel comfortable and give our best every day. The close cohesion and good cooperation promote the productivity and success of the entire team in Germany, Switzerland and soon also in Milan.”

In addition to her work at Satellite Office, Christin Hadamek has another passion – her involvement with the volunteer fire department. She has been a member of the fire department for a proud 20 years and enjoys helping people in emergencies and other difficult situations. This volunteer work not only demonstrates her extraordinary commitment to the community, but also her dedication to helping others outside of her professional environment. Christin’s journey proves that dedication, expertise and a desire to continually develop can lead to great professional opportunities. Thank you, dear Christin. We are proud to have you on the team!