Brilliant start in Geneva

27. April 2023

Satellite Office gives away a diamond for the Grand Opening Party

For the past two months, Geneva has been home to a location that is attracting a lot of attention: The luxurious, flexible workspace Satellite Office Geneva opened its doors in February in the middle of the Swiss metropolis. At the Grand Opening Party last night, not only the location and the mood of the guests shone, because everything revolved around a real diamond! One of the almost one hundred top-class guests was able to win a real “high-caliber” product worth EUR 2,500. Each guest found a stone in his champagne glass at the beginning – one of them was a real diamond.

Genf und Diamanten haben eine lange gemeinsame Geschichte, die Stadt ist bekannt für ihre Rolle als wichtiger Handelsplatz für Edelsteine und Schmuck. Some of the world’s most famous diamond dealers are also located in Geneva – so a satellite office was a must!

The sixty guests at the Grand Opening were impressed with the elegance and décor of the new Satellite Office, enjoying the beautiful surroundings with champagne and snacks. With its modern infrastructure and many amenities, Satellite Office is the ideal workplace, not only in Geneva, for anyone looking for a flexible, productive work environment at the highest level.

Anecdote of the evening: Happiness in the pocket….

The highlight of the Grand Opening event was undoubtedly the raffle of the sparkling diamond sponsored by Satellite Office. All the guests were eagerly waiting for the solution. The winner was announced, minutes of waiting and then the certainty that she is no longer there. Anita Gödiker: “Our winner now has a diamond in her pocket and does not know that it is real and of high value. We will do everything we can to find her and the diamond very quickly!” Fortunately, the team has the name of the lady from Zurich and will hopefully inform her quickly about her valuable asset.

Anita Gödiker: “The diamond that we gave away last night at the Grand Opening party is a tribute to the rich history and know-how that the city of Geneva has to offer in terms of gems and jewelry. It should be the starting point of our very own glamorous story in Geneva “, says the entrepreneur. The fact that the winner has great luck in her pocket and doesn’t know it yet will go down in company history as an anecdote!