Boom Boom Brexit in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt

19. July 2022

The financial metropolis of Frankfurt, the run on offices and screeching circular saws

In the open space of the new Satellite Office in Frankfurt at the Alte Oper: In the midst of exclusive stores, excellent restaurants, elated by the architectural beauty of the Alte Oper, bankers and stock exchange specialists, financial experts and consultants of all stripes meet. After the Brexit decision, the boom on offices in the financial metropolis continues unabated.

But everyone wants the best locations, the fanciest offices. They don’t want a dull high-rise, they want something special. The minimalist reception, which welcomes with three smaller desks instead of one large counter, the purist design of the offices, the colors that allow no distractions. The contrast program, the special can be found right in the same place: On surrounding terraces with breathtaking views of the Tower or the Opernplatz, in the beautiful, small café area with barista machine and snacks, bankers can meet for a short or long coffee talk, for a business lunch or in the specially designed, discreet fireplace lounge with terrace for very confidential conversations. They don’t even have to leave their workplace, where they can concentrate and work in peace.

“It’s humming on every corner in Frankfurt, says Anita Gödiker, Managing Director of Satellite Office, with satisfaction. But by “humming,” she doesn’t just mean the demand for office space or the astronomical rise in rents. No, Gödiker also means the drills, the screeching circular saws and the hammer blows that until a few days ago could be heard everywhere in the new Satellite Office. “It took a lot of imagination to picture a Satellite Office on the site with the pureSilent® concept focused on quiet and concentration,” she smiles. The contrast could not have been greater: “If they want to build protected areas in which deep Working should be playable even in larger offices, the construction noise is twice as great” she describes the situation. Now almost everything is ready, the run on the offices has begun. “Everything is only really conceivable when it is as good as finished,” says the expert for flexible working. Now they are here, the bankers and stock market experts, the financial experts and consultants. And they all want workplaces with that certain something in Frankfurt’s best location. “Exactly now, exactly right” is Gödiker’s summary of the creation of the new site.