A lance for the workspace industry

20. July 2022


A global coworking provider is trundling along. Major investor withdraws billions to save the business. Now the business model of an entire industry is being called into question by the media. “Completely wrongly,” as Anita Gödiker says. “It is not the business model but the business conduct that is to be criticized”.

“It simply must not be carried unfiltered into the market that coworking or flexible workspaces are doomed to fail. The misalignment of a single provider must not be transferred to an entire industry,” says Anita Gödiker. Spread by the media, by the way mainly by their New York correspondents, a completely distorted and generalized picture of the industry is drawn. There are definitely established providers who operate soundly and do not indulge in expansion hype. Providers that address solvent target groups and have been in the market for years. Nevertheless, such news can have a pull effect, sowing doubts in landlords and investors. And that is wrong. Because workspaces work especially in and after the crisis, the need for flexible workplaces will definitely continue to grow. The main reasons for this are the flexibility offered and the integration of workspaces into office properties. Satellite Office offers office workstations in the majority, while the share of coworking space is of manageable size. For the sake of peace and concentration. In the office space, customers can grow or even reverse. Solid providers can absorb these fluctuations. “Customers grow and shrink with us” says Anita Gödiker. “In addition, we provide office services such as telephone, mail, reception and team assistance. Also for the physical well-being is provided with coffee and daily fresh snacks. And we also relieve our customers of the cleaning measures, which are currently increased fivefold. Hygiene and manageability will become even more important in the future – and we can easily cover that.