A comparison

20. July 2022

Where do you and your team work most efficiently?

The world calms down, offices around the globe fill up again. But many things are simply no longer as they were before. The time off was often used to think about new workplace models. The government-imposed home office has played its part in the fact that many are now striving to be able to work professionally again with good technology at reasonable desks. Perhaps the word “strive” is also an understatement, many can’t wait to leave the isolation of the often quite uncomfortable home office! The inquiries at Satellite Office speak for themselves. But what really gets you ahead? How can we design your workplace for you and your team to work efficiently and successfully, while still saving money and having a luxurious environment? In doing so, we think about your team and your wallet.

For your team, having a great office environment is a huge incentive. A perfectly equipped office, the right light and air concept and ergonomic furniture to stay healthy and feel good. Delicious coffee, freshly filtered water, snacks and a chance to get out in the fresh air. Best of all, of course, on a roof terrace with a fantastic view over the rooftops of the city. If you can then reach the office easily and the location is enviable, it gives a real motivational boost – every morning!

For you as an entrepreneur, a motivated team is worth its weight in gold! But there are other very important factors that speak for offices at Satellite Office: Let’s talk about money!

While a traditional office lease not only requires you to pay rent, commit to a long-term lease of at least 10 years in prime locations, advance 6-10 months of security deposits and procure furniture, many integrated spaces such as conference rooms are used far too infrequently. Not to mention the coordination of cleaning and janitorial staff or the simple procurement of drinks.

We have compared these costs. It’s not just about costs, but even more about benefits. And we want to show you the result of our setup transparently: You work more luxuriously AND more cost-efficiently in a satellite office than in your own office space. Do you have any questions about this? We will be happy to advise you!

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