Business Center Zurich - more than just an office

Directly on Lake Zurich. The location of the Satellite Office Haus Gryffenberg in Zurich is exquisite. The equipment too.

You can recognize decision-makers by their choice of office

No matter for what purpose you are looking for an office or conference rooms - if you are looking for something special, you will find it in the heart of Zurich. In the middle of Bahnhofstrasse, one of the city's most luxurious shopping miles, we offer exquisite office space for a variety of concerns. At Satellite Office, we have a keen eye on the needs of entrepreneurs and a mission: to create an environment where your business reaches new heights and gets the space it deserves. Here you increase your productivity. Our premises are equally suitable for teams, individuals or customer meetings. Our Business Center also offers a wide range of services to facilitate your business operations.

Why Satellite Office is your business center in Zurich

While many business centers are stationed near the airport or trade fair grounds and the infrastructure there leaves much to be desired, the Satellite Office is centrally located. Our ambition is to create the workplace that is second to none. Satellite Office is rewriting coworking in the process.

Because we believe that only the best of the best is just good enough for you and your company. The solution is a specially developed color and space concept that enables concentrated work for individuals. Teams, on the other hand, have different needs and require space for communication now and then. We are of the opinion that tranquility and communication are not opposites. Satellite Office creates a unique symbiosis here.

Here you have the opportunity to work in a concentrated manner while feeling comfortable or to hold conspiratorial meetings with your clients or employees in the conference rooms. The interior of the offices reflects the exquisite taste of the surroundings of our company: with these conference rooms and offices you will leave an impression on your business partners and express the appreciation of your employees. Our premises help to build additional trust and are also suitable as a virtual office for meetings where participants sit in different locations. So you can look forward to the next virtual conference with peace of mind. You can also use our address as a business address. This also increases confidence in you as a company, because not everyone can afford a business address here.

We go above and beyond to help you move your business forward. You can hand over annoying business correspondence to our office service, even foreign languages are no problem for us. Because we only know solutions! Our other services include a competent telephone service. Focus on your core business and maximize your success. You also do not have to worry about a technical infrastructure, Internet and telephone are of course already included in the lease.

To meet your need for flexibility, you can rent our office space by the hour, by the day or for several months. When concluding a contract, you nevertheless take no risk and instead retain full cost control. Unlike other office spaces you can rent in Zurich, we do not require a minimum lease term. All this is reason enough not to settle for just any job in any other office.

Business Center in Zurich - in the middle of the city

The listed house Gryffenberg was built in the late Renaissance. During the renovation, the goal was to preserve the historic charm while still installing all the 21st century amenities in the property. Special highlights of this business center are the bay windows and a spacious roof terrace offering views over Lake Zurich. By the way, if you want to do some special shopping after leaving the office, you'll be happy at the nearby Dolce&Gabbana flagship store.


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House Gryffenberg Bahnhofstrasse 10

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