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A virtual office in Duesseldorf as an alternative to a fixed office. Would you like to have a prestigious business address, but don’t need to have a fixed office? At Satellite Office, you can rent a virtual office with the domicile address at Koenigsallee 27 in Duesseldorf without having a permanent office. Satellite Office staff will take care of your mail and, if requested, also your business calls. If needed, flexible office solutions and modern meeting rooms are also available to you.

Impress with a virtual office in Duesseldorf

Virtual office in Duesseldorf – Your benefits at a glance

since 1st March 2018

Virtual office in Duesseldorf – Our effective offer

To achieve an impressive market presence as company founder, you have the opportunity to rent a virtual office with a prestigious business address in Koenigsallee. The long-term rental of an office space is not necessary for this – hence the term ‘virtual office’. For virtual offices in Duesseldorf, Satellite Office provides a variety of possibilities at different levels. When needed, you can book a private office, a coworking desk or our modern meetings rooms in addition to the virtual office.

Conference and meeting rooms at Koenigsallee 27

For appointments with business partners and clients, the atmosphere has to be right. If you are the owner of a virtual office in Duesseldorf, you have the opportunity to receive your guests in a professional business environment. Thus, you leave a lasting, positive impression. You can receive your guests either in the public areas of Girardet Haus, or rent a separate meeting room. Here, you have the choice between a small meeting room for up to 4 people and a large conference room with space for bigger groups. The large meeting room is equipped with long conference tables and block seating as well as a presentation TV and flipchart. The small meeting room has a large desk and a round meeting table with four chairs. In all rooms, Wi-Fi is freely available and further conference technology can be easily ordered in addition.

Satellite Office Düsseldorf Business Center Köndigsallee Bistro Küche Open Space
Luxuriöser Empfang Giradet Haus Düsseldorf Königsallee Satellite Office
Heller Coworking Space im Girardet Haus bei Satellite Office
Satellite Office Business Center Düsseldorf Königsallee
Helles Büro Königsallee Düsseldorf Satellite Office
Firmensitz Büro in Düsseldorf Satellite Office
Satellite Office Business Center Düsseldorf Königsallee
heller Konferenzraum Satellite Office Düsseldorf Königsallee
Kaminzimmer Blick auf Königsallee 3D Kamin Satellite Office Düsseldorf
Helles Teambüro Blick auf die Königsallee Düsseldorf Satellite Office
Heller großer Konferenzraum in Düsseldorf Satellite Office Königsallee
Satellite Office Business Center Düsseldorf Königsallee
Satellite Office Düsseldorf Business Center Königsallee Coworking Open Space
Satellite Office Düsseldorf Business Center Königsallee Open Work Spaces Dekoration Bibliothek
Satellite Office Düsseldorf Business Center Königsallee Open Work Spaces Coworking
Satellite Office Düsseldorf Business Center Königsallee Bibliothek Open Work Spaces


Your benefits at Satellite Office

Location. Location. Location.

You will always find us at the most exciting addresses of major economic centres. In the impressive, historical building in Koenigsallee 27, Duesseldorf.

Design: modern meets historical

Light shades characterise the warm interior. Accented by subtle red splashes of colour. Design classics determine the high-quality working Environment.

Membership & Open Spaces

Unique. The Satellite Office community meeting points connect people and ideas, are stylish and informal. Members can meet in bright and cosy bistros, galleries and Lounges.

Business Services

Reception and welcome for your visitors, post handling and local telephone service. Multilingual. Friendly and knowledgeable. Strong teams that take the burden off your shoulders!

Arrive. Log in. Get started!

Technical office infrastructure that is always state-of-the-art: 100 Mbit high-speed WLAN, telephone, printer, scanner, copier.

Costs: fair & transparent

Flexible terms, commission-free offices and our unique cost airbags minimise your risk!

You can find further locations of our virtual offices out of Duesseldorf

We offer further locations in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and Zurich.

Give me just a call, I am here for you.

Dominik Bornewasser

Director Satellite Office Duesseldorf

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