A Satellite Office membership serves as a compass in the age of agile working and represents more than just special conditions and exclusive benefits. More importantly, it also means being part of an extraordinary network.



See things through our eyes. For example, at Jungfernstieg.

Our flexible, premium workspaces can be found at the best addresses in the city, meaning you’re spoilt for choice. We’ve developed our memberships to help you find the perfect solution for your business even faster. So if you’re just looking for a quiet, more sophisticated space for creative work or you’d like to escape your home office for a few hours, a membership allows you to do just that without any commitments.


We’ve compiled our decades of experience in three intelligently combined benefit packages specially for all company founders. More specifically, our membership benefit packages combine first-class addresses for businesses and headquarters, agile workspace solutions and various levels of additional services. You decide which package is the best fit for your current situation and can then get started straight away. We provide support where all founders need it the most: low risk, immediate access without investment, and maximum flexibility for a smart, successful start. We can guarantee you a professional external image. The rest is up to you.


We serve as your compass in the modern working world, offering you flexibility, agility and networking without the commitment. You define how, where and for how long you would like to work. Only one thing is predetermined: productivity through concentration and well-being, which is the focus of our exceptionally quiet room concept. And our professional team does everything in its power every day to ensure these results. By the way, all the membership benefit packages are worth the price, as they’re like nothing else in the market.


You not only benefit from the exclusive atmosphere and outstanding benefit packages, but also a unique community. People often underestimate the influence networking can have on your personal career or on success when it comes to founding a company. Our concept for the best-possible network is just as simple as it is ingenious: perfect working conditions at exclusive locations appeal to first-class customers in a variety of professions. The result is a unique mix of skills and relationships. We create the framework; our guests create the content. And everyone benefits.


The meaning of ‘space for success’ becomes all the more complex, as it not only refers to the independent success of each and every individual, but also the shared pool of qualifications which everyone can contribute to and draw from. Having discovered that for ourselves very early on, we decided to maintain these unique conditions in a membership: the Satellite Office membership. Make the decision to join the Satellite Office Business Club and you’ll discover just how enriching the right contacts can be. Concluding a membership will round off your work experience at Satellite Office with customised conditions and exclusive benefits and thus put your success within easy reach.




  • Use of all open spaces at all locations
  • Business Club member
  • Internet/free Wi-Fi
  • Free water
  • Invitation to exclusive networking events
  • Free in all packages
99 Euro
a month



All features as with Master and additionally:


  • 10% discount on conference rooms

  • Use of a flexible workspace during opening hours – up to five days, ten days or one month

109 Euro
a month



All features as with Ambassador and additionally:


  • Use of a flexible workspace in the shared office during opening hours – up to five days, ten days or one month
  • Optional 24/7 access for monthly use
189 Euro
a month


  • First-class postal address for your company and for registration in the Commercial Register
  • Unlimited post and parcel receipt
  • Your company nameplate in the foyer
  • Your own local telephone number, registered
    in your company name
  • Local fax number and service with UMS technology
  • Internet flat rate/WiFi
  • 5 days usage of a fully furnished workspace in a shared office and 5 days Silent Work Space during office hours
  • Your own locker for storing your personal documents
  • Member of Satellite Office Business Club access to all Satellite Office business centers and club lounges
  • 10% discount on all meeting and conference rooms
  • Free WiFi
  • Free water
  • Invitation to exclusive Satellite Office network events
Save offer
For company founders
instead of 518€

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