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Conference rooms in Hamburg

Hamburg Neuer Wall Business Center Binnenalster Satellite Office

Conference rooms
from 39 
per hour

Coference rooms in Hamburg close to the Binnenalster

Welcome your guests and business contacts at a special venue at the Satellite office center in Hamburg to show your them you appreciate their coming. Satellite Office is located at Hamburg's best address. The Satellite Office Business Center is located inside the historical building. Our clients appreciate the special business-club atmosphere in an exceptional property with a unique charm. Use the Satellite Office office centers’ attractive public areas with a business club atmosphere or rent a suitable room for your meetings and conferences.



More than 20 years of experience

  • Located directly at the Jungfernstieg on the Binnenalster
  • Offices and meetings rooms with a unique view out onto the fountain
  • Historical entrance with prestigious reception
  • Fireside lounge in vintage style
  • Offices radiating character equipped with design classics by Tom Dixon, Brunner, Bosse, Dauphin, Züco & Artemide
  • Showers for the physically active, clothes racks
  • Latest conference technology, video conferencing
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Central location, public transport network on the doorstep at ‘Jungfernstieg’
  • Parking spaces in the Europapassage
  • The friendly, knowledgeable and multi-lingual Satellite Office team is here to assist you. Top-quality personalized service
Business Center Hamburg Neuer Wall gutruf Haus Satellite Office
Neuer Wall /
Eingangshalle Business Center Hamburg Neuer Wall
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Satellite Office Empfang
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Satellite Office Business Center Telefonbox Büro
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Bistrobereich Satellite Office Business Center
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Satellite Office Business Center Chefbüro
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Satellite Office Business Center Büro Open Space
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Coworking Satellite Office Business Club
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Satellite Office Business Center Einzelbüro
Business Center Hamburg Neuer Wall Empfang Satellite Office

Individual conference rooms and equipment in Hamburg

For larger conferences, we have conference rooms with block seating available. Here, you can seat up to 14 people. As well as block seating, the rooms have presentation TVs, a flipchart and free Wi-Fi; other equipment can easily be added to your booking. In our office center you can book suitable rooms for periods from an hour up to several days, just as you require! For smaller meetings, we recommend our high-quality, fully-equipped day office with a round table and a separate desk in the office. The professional service staff at the business center welcomes your clients and guests on your company’s behalf and will, should you desire it, provide suitable catering.

Business Center Hamburg Neuer Wall gutruf Haus Satellite Office Tagesbüro Alster

‘Neuer Wall’ or ‘Alsterfontäne’ day office

1-4 people

The all-round, care-free executive office with meeting table and up to four elegant leather chairs. With an unrestricted view onto the Jungfernstieg and the Binnenalster or the Neuer Wall.


kostenloses W-lan Satellite Office Business Center Tagungsräume
Bestuhlung Tagungsraum Satellite Office Business Center
from 39 € / hour
Hamburg Neuer Wall Kaminlounge Besprechungsraum Satellite Office Business Center

‘Alsterblick’ conference room

1-12 people

A wonderful conference room with a fantastic view of the Jungfernstieg, Binnenalster and its fountains. With an ellipsoid meeting table, 12 elegant leather chairs, chandelier, presentation TV and flipchart.


kostenloses W-lan Satellite Office Business Center Tagungsräume
Präsentationstechnik TV Flatscreen LCD Satellite Office Tagungsräume
Präsentationstechnik Flipchart Konferenzraum Satellite Office Business Center
Bestuhlung Konferenzraum Block Satellite Office Business Center
from 85 € / hour
Satellite Office Business Club Events Catering Zürich Hamburg Berlin München


Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Our experienced and skilled center teams can help you to plan, organise and carry out all types of meetings or business events. From designing and posting your invitations, hotel bookings for your guests and transport services from the airports and railway stations, to welcoming all meeting participants and support on-site. We also look after your wellbeing. We are happy to serve small snacks, refreshments, coffee and tea directly to your booked conference room. Or you can decide to have full catering, turning your event into an unforgettable experience for your clients, business partners and seminar participants.

Historical architecture & modern interior - Gutruf Haus in Hamburg

Gutruf Haus has a colourful history. It was built during the First World War and opened its doors in 1915. The office building houses the gold and silver smiths Brahmfeld & Gutruf, the latter of whom the building eventually got its name from. Gutruf Haus defied bombing raids in the Second World War and still stands intact today at the Neuer Wall as a witness of the past century. Already the magnificent entrance and the wonderful lift provide a warm welcome for guests. A particular eye-catcher in the business centre are the windows down to floor level with an exit out to the large inner courtyards.

Find discussion rooms at further locations beyond Hamburg

We offer further discussion rooms in Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich and Zurich.

Are you already aware of our coworking space offers?

We have supported productive working structures for more than 20 years. The essence of our philosophy of coworking relies on a calm atmosphere, where we put our effort in the confidentiality of our clients. Social networking is a choice and not a duress. We offer sophisticated coworking spaces in Hamburg. It’s up to you to decide whether you rent an individual office or a spacious coworking desk with a maximum number of six coworkers in one office. Convince yourself of our Satellite Office coworking spaces in Hamburg.

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