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Neuer Wall 10 / Ecke Jungfernstieg
20354  Hamburg
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Coworking Space in Hamburg

Hamburg Neuer Wall Business Center Binnenalster Satellite Office

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Coworking in Hamburg near the Jungfernstieg

Rent coworking space in Hamburg and receive everything an entrepreneur can ask for. Reduce both your fixed costs and your risk as you do not have to sign any long-term contracts. Find a high-quality coworking desk at any time in Central Hamburg, Neuer Wall. Come and go as you please. The coworking spaces consist of a maximum of six workplaces, ensuring a calm atmosphere for you to work on your projects.

More than 20 years of experience

  • Located directly at the Jungfernstieg on the Binnenalster
  • Offices and meetings rooms with a unique view out onto the fountain
  • Historical entrance with prestigious reception
  • Fireside lounge in vintage style
  • Offices radiating character equipped with design classics by Tom Dixon, Brunner, Bosse, Dauphin, Züco & Artemide
  • Showers for the physically active, clothes racks
  • Latest conference technology, video conferencing
  • High-speed Internet access
  • Central location, public transport network on the doorstep at ‘Jungfernstieg’
  • Parking spaces in the Europapassage
  • The friendly, knowledgeable and multi-lingual Satellite Office team is here to assist you. Top-quality personalized service
Business Center Hamburg Neuer Wall gutruf Haus Satellite Office
Neuer Wall /
Eingangshalle Business Center Hamburg Neuer Wall
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Satellite Office Empfang
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Satellite Office Business Center Telefonbox Büro
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Bistrobereich Satellite Office Business Center
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Satellite Office Business Center Chefbüro
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Satellite Office Business Center Büro Open Space
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Coworking Satellite Office Business Club
Hamburg Neuer Wall Jungfernstieg Satellite Office Business Center Einzelbüro
Business Center Hamburg Neuer Wall Empfang Satellite Office

Coworking in Hamburg. Personal. Modern. Classy.

Use the advantages of our prime locations in Hamburg to shape the public image of your company. You're located straight next to luxury boutiques and high-class restaurants. If you prefer to prepare your own meal, that’s fine too! Although you have a wide range of restaurants and cafés nearby, you can also take a seat in our get2gether community areas. Here a kitchen and cosy corner seats await you, creating an inviting atmosphere. You can also join the Satellite Office community and further develop both your private and business network.

Find coworking spaces at further locations beyond Hamburg

We offer coworking spaces at further locations in Berlin, DusseldorfFrankfurt, Munich and Zurich.

Always up to date with our events and stories of success

Don’t miss any community event from Satellite Office. At our coworking spaces in Hamburg you can encounter many similar minded high professionals and impressive personalities and turn your everyday office life into something individual. Meet the business professionals you read about in our client magazine. Topics like politics, economy, management and media with current popular events and stories written by life. Can you relate to our business philosophy? Than immerse yourself into the world of Satellite Office, with an affinity to the unique.

Give me just a call, I am here for you.

Doris Keller

Director Satellite Office Hamburg

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