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Be Berlin. Be Berlin.

The city marketing challenges us to do that. But what is Berlin really like? Grey, loud, cold. True! Bright, garish, international, exciting, creative. Also true! Berlin sparks emotions. A few years ago, the Spiegel wrote about the ‘capital of feelings’. Because there is almost no-one who doesn’t care about the city. And there aren’t many other cities like Berlin that are teeming with so many designers, musicians, architects and artists. Here is where trends are born. And buried. Here is where dreams come true. Dreams of independence. Of having your own business. The city of Generation Y!

Anita Gödiker, founder of Satellite Office, came to Berlin with a dream as well. And made it come true. She opened Satellite Office’s first business centre here more than 20 years ago. And was far ahead of her time. She has since opened three locations in Berlin alone: two in Mitte and one in Charlottenburg. With this in mind: Be Berlin @ Satellite Office!

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