The best addresses in the most important cities. Quite possibly the most beautiful workspace you’ll ever have. That’s Satellite Office, which combines casual luxury with the finest instincts and is home to deep working. And that’s exactly what you’ll feel.


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Decision makers can be identified by their choice in office.

Working where others would like to work.

Satellite Office offers first-class workspace at the best locations. And to be honest, why should you be satisfied with anything less? We got our start over 23 years ago as an absolute pioneer in Berlin and are now represented at prominent locations in the most important economic cities in Germany and Switzerland – of course, always at premier addresses in the city and still owner-managed to this day. We always treat our guests with respect and the utmost appreciation. The result is a home port for everyone who is searching for agile working and deep working.


With professionalism, attention to detail and lots of heart and soul, we create individual workspaces that delight even the most discerning customers. Of course, it’s also likely that the unique flair of our Satellite Offices also plays a key role. Pleasant peace and quiet, an inspirational pioneering spirit and friendliness combine with an exclusive room concept to create your favourite workspace. So what are you waiting for? Experience Satellite Office for yourself first-hand.




We create space for your success.

Satellite Office designs office spaces, virtual offices, addresses for your business, headquarters or domicile, conference rooms and co-working spaces of the very best quality and at the best locations. That’s something our customers in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf and Zurich appreciate.



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Six cities, eleven Satellite Offices, one vision: our guests should feel at home, so that they can fully concentrate and work successfully, in line with the following credo: You can dream in business class. You’ll achieve real results with us.





The Berlin Bear is shuffling outside, but that won’t distract you inside our Satellite Offices in the capital city. Here you’ll find plenty of space for agile working and sufficient peace and quiet for deep working. As of September 2020, you’ll be able to choose from four Berlin locations to advance your company. Two of these are located directly in Ku’damm in the booming City West district: at the glorious Haus Cumberland and, designed in line with our revolutionary pureSilent® room concept, at KUD15 Gloria Berlin, a truly legendary location right next to Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. These are joined by Römischer Hof on the grand avenue Unter den Linden in City Ost, not far from Brandenburg Gate, as well as Kaiserliche Postdirektion behind Komische Oper in the heart of the Mitte district. Four premium addresses for you and your company.

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Satellite Office is opening a workspace like no other in the heart of the city on the Main River: silent cubes, conference rooms, offices and open spaces come together to form the pureSilent® room concept, which is like nothing else in the world. Here you can enjoy minimalist design, a breathtaking view of the ‘Mainhattan’ skyline and Germany’s unique big-city atmosphere – next door to the opera house Alte Oper Frankfurt. The new building designed by the Baumschlager Eberle architects, Opernplatz XIV, houses luxury hotel Sofitel as well as our luxury workspace. The timeless building blends seamlessly and coherently with its historical neighbourhood.

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Moin, moin, Binnenalster! That’s what you’re likely to hear in our spaces located directly in Ballindamm and Neuer Wall/Jungfernstieg in the Hanseatic city. Hamburg is full of life here, where founders, movers and shakers, visionaries, corporations, medium-sized companies, freelancers, athletes, politicians, consultants, bloggers and influencers all come together. Always at the best location and in the best company, which applies to our Satellite Office in Ballindamm in particular. Germany’s first financial hub emerged here in solidarity with the long-standing private bank DONNER & REUSCHEL – including a one-of-a-kind network and the pureSilent® room concept for maximum productivity. Our Hamburg offices are simply waiting for you to move in.

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Thanks to our experience, we know that workspace savings often come at a price: your success. After all, focus and concentration are essential for your productivity, which is why we at Satellite Office do everything in our power to ensure you can work in peace and quiet. And that begins with the architecture and room design – and never ends. You’ve probably already noticed: whilst a first-class workspace at the best location isn’t exactly cheap, it does come with benefits.


pureSilent® – home to deep working.

Our Satellite Offices are designed to allow you to focus as you work, which not only requires peace and quiet, but also your well-being. Without them, you can’t immerse yourself and achieve flow. With our brand-new pureSilent® room concept at selected locations, we can offer you insulated areas and protected break-out areas for maximum productivity and unadulterated well-being. If you’re looking for deep working in peace and quiet, you’re going to love pureSilent®.

Substance rather than facade.

We take our role as host very seriously, which is why we receive you and your business partners with respect, discretion, tact and appreciation. If desired, our professional teams can assist you with post handling, multilingual telephone service and other services.

Workspaces as diverse as our guests.

At our Satellite Offices, we can offer you digital dialogue rooms, open workspaces, individual offices, team offices, conference rooms, virtual offices, office suites and day offices. We have the spaces, which means you’re spoilt for choice.

Attractive networking.

At Satellite Office you won’t encounter just anyone, but rather like-minded people, people with an entrepreneurial spirit. Discover the best environment for your analogue networking – in our open workspaces, meeting areas or for lunch.

Flexible and transparent.

Satellite Office can offer you offices and office suites with flexible contract periods: by the hour, day, month or even longer. All additional costs are included and there are no unexpected transaction costs, meaning your expenses are much lower compared to conventional rental. You can get to work straight away – without investment. You’re essentially paying for flexibility.

High-quality equipment.

At Satellite Office, no workspace is like another and each location is unique. But they all have a few things in common: they all offer elegant design, high-quality furnishings and state-of-the-art office technology.

One membership. Endless opportunities. Intelligently combined

Master Membership provides you with access to the open spaces at all locations during opening hours. As an Ambassador or Senator, you have even more benefits. We’ve compiled our decades of experience in three intelligently combined benefit packages which ensure minimal risk and maximum flexibility for company founders in particular.

Location, location, location.

Our locations can be found in the centre of the most important cities. Whether culture, cuisine or consumption, the sweet life is a short stroll from every Satellite Office. And the best thing about it: you’re in the heart of the city. But as long as you’re working, none of that can distract you.


Whether in Berlin, Munich or Zurich, we speak the language of our customers. Or at least that’s impression they give us. Here are a few words from our guests.

When you are here, you are supported so that you as an entrepreneur can focus optimally on your core business. Your employees can concentrate on their work and are always a step ahead regarding taking on tasks.

Dr. Marcel Megerle

Geschäftsführer, FamilienUnternehmerTUN GmbH

I value the professional, intelligent and friendly staff. The atmosphere is conducive to creativity and puts me in the right frame of mind for my work. A very human environment full of mutual respect.

Dr. Thomas Rischbeck

Geschäftsführer der ITMC AG

The best location in the most attractive surroundings, with a friendly and professional team; for me, that describes Satellite Office in Zurich.

Sandro Schmid

CEO AAAccell Ltd.

I like the ambience at Satellite Office, which conveys a feeling of integrity and professionalism whilst also creating a feel-good atmosphere. Satellite Office has a special and sophisticated flair without being aloof and unapproachable. It has high principles, but is not cold; it is professional yet personal.

Dr. Anne Hassenbürger


The collaboration with Satellite Office is extremely positive – the staff are reliable, competent and obliging. The professional assistance offered, especially for high-level visits, is of particular value.

Dr. Sabine Sommerkamp-Homann

Honorarkonsulin der Republik Lettland

For me, the workplace at Satellite Office is an ‘all-round worry-free package’ because it allows me to concentrate on my work in a pleasant environment thanks to its convenience and professionalism.

Kirsten Pedd

General Counsel EOS Group Germany

Satellite Office has provided us with ideal framework conditions, even in difficult phases of our business development. The success of our young company is also the success of Satellite Office. We have met interesting people who have been a great support to us.

Marc Bator

TMVSN sports


Take a look behind the scenes at Satellite Office.


Keynotes, conferences, customer feedback – you can find out more about our everyday activities here. Read and see for yourself what distinguishes us as an owner-managed company, what motivates us and what we’re currently working on.


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